Meet the AW06 Glasses, the New Member to the ANDY WOLF AWearness Collection

Andy Wolf Awearness COLLECTION

Are you looking to make a sensible and responsible choice when it comes to purchasing glasses? With the help of the world-respected eyewear brand ANDY WOLF, this is now possible. As one of the most conscious luxury eyewear manufacturers on the market, they work hard to promote sustainability through their impeccably crafted glasses. Made from the responsibly sourced materials, the ANDY WOLF sunglasses and optical frames are not only eco-friendly but also comfortable and fashionable. Choosing the ANDY WOLF frames, you can be sure that your purchase is contributing toward a healthier environment for all.

Andy Wolf AWearness Collection

Andy Wolf AWearness Collection

The AWearness collection by ANDY WOLF includes enduring, classic eyewear designs that will never go out of style. By promoting AWearness, the brand aims to combat the culture of rapid and excessive consumption. Each frame within the range is crafted to be a lasting companion, with special attention given to both its design and construction.

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For the SS2023 season, ANDY WOLF added a new optical model to the AWearness family called AW06. This latest style perfectly complements the existing collection and its extensive color range with an ideal panto silhouette and two new colors: Teal-Silver (col.11) and Black-Gold (col.12). 

Andy Wolf AWearness Collection AW06

The New AW06 Frame from the ANDY WOLF AWearness Collection

To create the AWearness frames, ANDY WOLF utilizes premium-quality bio acetate, letting it age naturally for several weeks before the production. The cutting-edge manufacturing techniques allow the brand to exclude permanent connections, allowing them to replace individual parts and break down the glasses into single-material components for exceptional durability and flexibility. The new AW06 style features three-dimensional and ergonomic facets, with each component meticulously crafted to ensure a timeless quality.

The AW06 in Col.11 - Teal/Silver

The AW06 in Col.12 - Black/Gold

The temple inlay is embossed with a bold pattern with the two letters A and W hidden in it. Glossy and matte sections alternate on the inlay, giving extra depth and richness to the look. In addition, there are deliberately shaped rivets on the side of the end piece that cover the screws underneath. In other words, there are no useless components or details in the AW06 frame: all of the elements the manufacturer merged are crucial for a sustainable collection, nothing more and nothing less.

Andy Wolf Awearness Frames
Andy Wolf Awearness Frames

The AW06 model also includes a clip-on accessory that features high-end Zeiss sun lenses that guarantee maximum protection against UVA and UVB rays. These stylish clip-ons are handcrafted in France and include an integrated closing block that allows the use of blue filter lenses or reading glasses glazing. Unlike conventional clip-ons, the AW06 clip-on combines classic and modern elements, imbuing the frame with a distinctive shape.

Andy Wolf AWearness Collection at EuroOptica

Visit EuroOptica, a certified retailer of luxury ANDY WOLF eyewear in Manhattan, New York and look through the full AWearness collection. Discover the versatile nature of the AW06 as both an everyday companion and a pair of sunglasses. We’re waiting for you at 280 Columbus Ave (corner of W 73rd St), at the very heart of Manhattan.