Terminator 2 Sunglasses by Matsuda: Iconic Sarah Connor Frame that Wins Hearts

Matsuda Terminator 2 Sunglasses

The “Terminator 2: Judgment Day " by James Cameron is a legendary masterpiece that continues to resonate with fans everywhere. In the Terminator universe, you aren't truly ready for rescuing the world unless you're wearing an edgy leather jacket or a pair of rocking sunglasses. In the second film of the Terminator saga, Linda Hamilton slipped into the figure of Sarah Conor with a pair of absolutely stunning vintage glasses created by Japanese artisanal eyewear brand Matsuda.

Matsuda Sarah Conor Sunglasses

Originally presented in 1989, these steampunk Matsuda shades featured detachable side shields designed to block light from above and from the sides of the frame in order to eliminate visual strain for the wearer by minimizing direct sunlight. For Sarah Connor, these were just the perfect sunglasses for the Mojave desert.

Matsuda 2809H-V2 Terminator sunglasses
Matsuda 2809H-V2 Terminator Shades
Matsuda Terminator Sunglasses
Matsuda Terminator Sunglasses

The Matsuda 2809H-V2 sunglasses in Brushed Silver - Blue

The Matsuda 2809H-V2 sunglasses in Brushed Gold - Demi

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of its Heritage capsule collection, Matsuda decided to re-launch their iconic 2809 frame, now named the 2809H-V2. The updated model embodies all of the design elements and sophisticated details that its legendary predecessor featured. This limited-edition style has a double bridge and comes with detachable side shields that were inspired by gothic romanticism and the art-nouveau style. Some other minor changes include thinner rim thickness and a signature engraving on the bridge and the temples.

Matsuda 2809H-V2 Sarah Conor sunglasses
Matsuda 2809H-V2 Sarah Conor sunglasses
Matsuda 2809H-V2 sunglasses with sunshields
Matsuda 2809H-V2 sunglasses with sunshields

The Matsuda Terminator 2 Sunglasses in

 Antique Gold - Orange

The Matsuda Terminator 2 Sunglasses in Antique Silver - Smoke 

Each pair of the Matsuda 2809H-V2 sunglasses is equipped with premium-quality lenses that are lighter and more impact-resistant than glass and filter out 100% of harmful UVA and UVB light. Each lens is treated with seven layers of anti-reflective coating. This reduces eye strain by eliminating unwanted reflections. For even greater clarity, the Matsuda polarized lenses filter out distracting glare and enhance contrast.

Matsuda vintage round sunglasses in metal

Matsuda Eyewear in Manhattan, New York

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These intricately detailed 2809H-V2 sunglasses by Matsuda are hand-crafted in Fukui, Japan (a region famous for its unrivaled metal work within the optical industry) by the best artisans that convert raw materials into real works of art. Over 250 steps of masterful craftsmanship are required to create a single pair of Matsuda glasses. A modern-day interpretation of the 2809 frame combines exquisitely detailed titanium and premium-grade Japanese acetate showcasing the Matsuda forward-thinking design.

Matsuda Heritage Frames
Matsuda Linda Hamilton Sunglasses

The Matsuda Heritage Collection

Designed for those who manifest their own unique identity, the 2809H-V2 sunglasses is a bold retro-inspired eyewear piece with a distinctive and edgy design. Every hinge, temple, and curve is thoughtfully considered and scrupulously crafted. Offered in a limited batch of 500 frames per color, you can buy the Matsuda 2809H-V2 frame via the button below.

Each of the designs within the Matsuda Heritage Collection is a blend of cutting-edge technology and hand-crafted techniques. The stunning frames are inspired by the art deco period, industrial metal work of the late 1800’s, and the details of gothic cathedrals. The range includes some of Matsuda's most iconic original styles.

The Matsuda brand is recognized for its unrivaled artistry, innovative design, and a drive for creative exploration for over five decades. We, at EuroOptica, are proud to be a trusted provider of the intricate Matsuda sunglasses and optical frames in Manhattan, New York. Visit our store at 280 Columbus Ave (corner of W 73rd St) to look through our amazing selection that includes everything from the Matsuda iconic side shields to the innovative pince-nez bridges.

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