LINDBERG Thintanium Glasses – The Best Way to Express Your Individuality

Lindberg Thintanium Collection

“Your style –Your choice!” – this is what LINDBERG is all about. The world-famous Danish eyewear brand is known for its commitment to innovation and love for customization. Each and every LINDBERG frame is a product of great knowhow and craftsmanship. Their revolutionary eyewear concept, the LINDBERG building system, gives every wearer the freedom to create their own pair of uniquely perfect glasses. More than 600 various designs, 36 eye-catching titanium colors, 3 different temple lengths, 6 nose pads and other options are offered for your creative genius to unfold.

The days when style was characterized by gender-normative rules are gone long ago. Nowadays, inclusivity and diversity are at the forefront of fashion. LINDBERG eyewear is crafted with fluidity in mind to fit different face shapes and is one of many ways to embrace personal style. Classic Thintanium frames are universally loved for their timeless style and variety. The cutting-edge design and minimalistic aesthetics of the LINDBERG Thintanium collection make it a “one-stop shop” for everyone who is looking for glasses that spell timeless sophistication – regardless of gender.

The award-winning Thintanium collection has a minimalistic profile that strikes the perfect balance between masculine and feminine styling. The light and refined look of the frames complement most face shapes and give the wearer the ability to make the style their own by offering the freedom to create the ideal pair of customized spectacles to match personal style. Everything from individual fitting to choices of shapes, colors, temples, nose pads, and sizes ensure that there is a perfect frame for every person.

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Driven by innovation, LINDBERG is constantly experimenting with technology and design to explore and push the possibilities of titanium eyewear. In this post, we’ve collected some of the hottest frames from the Thintanium Collection.


LINDBERG 5504 – U9/GC67 


Capture the minimalistic and pure design essence of the 5504 model! The ultra-thin titanium strip gives the style a modern sleek look that stands out in an understated way. 


LINDBERG 5518 – GT/GC82  

LINDBERG 5518 – U9/GC00 

The sophisticated 5518 style sits lightly on the face and perfectly blends with the wearer’s facial features – which makes it perfect for both men and women. 

5523 and 5520

(Left) 5523 – PU9/GC82
(Right) 5520 – PU13/GC00 



Both models are incredibly light in both expression and feel. The 5523 model is a classic titanium style with a modern rectangular shape, enhanced by the super slim upper bar for a cosmopolitan look. The 5520 model looks essentially rimless at first glance, yet it maintains the stability of a full titanium front as the titanium strip has been embedded in the groove of the lenses. 


LINDBERG 5521 – PU14/P10 

The 5521 is the epitome of minimalism. Its design is as beautiful as it is comfortable and stripped of all unnecessary elements. Using titanium in such a minimalistic way makes the frame super-lightweight weighing as little as 3.3 g.

All Thintanium glasses from LINDBERG are as sturdy as they are lightweight. Crafted by utilizing the latest and most innovative technology, these pieces are the new gold standard for the future of eyewear. The ultra-thin construction, along with the patented screwless hinge design, gives the collection a light and elegant look.

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