Lindberg Sunglasses from Sun Titanium Collection Received Red Dot Award

Lindberg Sunglasses

Each frame of the brand impresses with classic elegance, carefully considered simplicity and unparalleled comfort. All the above plus minimalist design and invisibility of screws, rivets and welds makes Lindberg frames real masterpieces of the modern art.

Lindberg is the Danish international eyewear empire, famous for its Scandinavian minimalism and world-class quality.

Lindberg magic glasses are handmade with no visible mechanics anywhere. Pure titanium used for frames makes them ultra lightweight, strong and exclusive. Lindberg declares about aesthetics, technical innovation and impeccable craftsmanship.

It is natural that such technically advanced eyewear items with exceptional design were highly appreciated not only by customers but also by connoisseurs and expert juries.

Lindberg sunglasses models 8321 and 8324 from the Sun Titanium collection won the Red Dot Design Award in the International design competition. This prestigious award is a confirmation of recognition of the outstanding design, quality and innovations of Lindberg unsurpassed creations in the field of eyewear design and manufacturing.

The sunglasses features an ultra thin acetate rim connected with a titanium frame. The unique mix of materials allows for a variety of colour combinations. Style confidence, low weight and good ergonomic values make these sunglasses eye-catching and distinctive. 

The sunglasses are inspired by classic eyewear shapes. Due to transparent elements, mix of materials and forms the visual effect of lenses seemingly floating within the frame is created.