Lindberg Presents New Eye-Catching Sunglasses of the Sun Titanium Collection

Lindberg Sun Titanium Collection New Sunglasses 2022

The end of the spring is the perfect time to start finding new fashionable accessories for the hot summer days ahead. This season, LINDBERG is looking to the 70s for sunglass inspiration. Famous for its minimalistic, sophisticated and ultra-modern eyewear designs, the celebrated Danish brand creates lightweight glasses that blend vintage style with futuristic craftsmanship. It has given the timeless silhouettes an update, embracing the retro-inspired shades worn by classy divas during this time, and transferred them into the contemporary LINDBERG universe.

The retro style of oversized shades is perfect to elevate any look. Whether you prefer square, aviator, cat-eye or round shades, be prepared to go big or go home. The bold look of the 70s is still echoed in today’s fashion. All sunglasses from the new LINDBERG collection feature acetate or composite elements combined with the refined elegance of titanium. The individually crafted and hand-finished frames boast a feather-light construction to provide an unmatched comfort and classy appearance.

For added value, the sunglasses implement LINDBERG’s proprietary screwless hinges alongside premium-grade Zeiss lenses with anti-reflex coating for full UV-protection. If you need an extra sun protection, discover the 8329 special edition model that includes efficient and head-turning side shield elements.


Lindberg Square Transparent 8329 Sunglasses with a Shield
Lindberg Special Edition Transparent Titanium Sunglasses

8329-CO1/95/special edition 




The 8329 sunglass frame from LINDBERG is a unique statement piece that features a one-of-a-kind two-lens construction. The design combines titanium and premium-grade composite in fashion-forward colourways with the stylish clip-on brim. Stunning details and impeccable craftsmanship are apparent from all angles of the 8329 model. 


8329 – U9/SL100 






Transparent frames are still on-trend and a perfect solution to elevate any look. The light expression of the transparent 8318 model makes it adaptable and easy to style. Ultra-feminine yet highly impressive sunglasses will never let you go unnoticed. They are an ideal combination of thin composite fronts and lightweight titanium temples. The n.o.w. Titanium collection offers a comprehensive range of fashionable designs; from classic round shapes with slim front and double bridge to square designs with a larger front for an even more dazzling look. 


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Lindberg Square Oversized Titanium 8907 Sunglasses


Lindberg Square Titanium 8907 Frame from Strip Titanium Collection



Retro inspiration meets quality craftsmanship in the oversized square style of LINDBERG 8907 model. The individual elements of the frame are laser-cut from thin plates of premium-grade titanium and formed to create feather-light glasses with an impressive high level of stability. The full metal front gives the wearer a streamlined, elegant look. Beautiful simplicity that draws attention to the shape of the frame makes it a contemporary design statement. Chase the sun in 8907 lightweight design from LINDBERG! 





Lindberg Titanium Aviator Sunglasses 8802 Thintanium Collection



Inspired by one of the most popular styles of the 70s, the aviator silhouette of the 8802 model is a timeless piece with a high-tech soul; just perfect for your summer look. The frame has an ultra-thin front and clean design, which is a signature feature of the LINDBERG thintanium collection. Using titanium in such a minimalistic way makes these sunglasses super-lightweight (they weigh only 3.3 g.) and incredibly comfortable. The ultra-thin design, along with the unique screwless hinge design, gives the 8802 frame a refined and chic look. 





Lindberg Square Shield Titanium 8802 Sunglasses



Another “classically futuristic” design from the LINDBERG thintanium collection is the 8803 frame. Laced with gold accents across the bridge and temples, the square, never boring sunglasses create a minimalistic yet eye-catching effect. Thanks to the ultra-thin front in the groove of the lenses, the glasses look essentially rimless in appearance, yet they still maintain the stability of a full titanium front. Defined by its clean lines and meticulously crafted hinge design, the 8803 perfectly demonstrates the ultra-precise engineering and fine Danish craftsmanship. 

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There is nothing like the first beautiful sunny days in summer – give your look an update with the LINDBERG bespoke eyewear designs and make a real statement. Welcome to EuroOptica, an authorized distributor of exclusive LINDBERG Eyewear in New York. We’re waiting for you at 280 Columbus Ave (corner of W 73rd St) in the very heart of Manhattan.