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Lindberg Air Titanium Rim Glasses

Whether you’re an expedition leader or photojournalist who wears glasses, you need to be sure your eyewear is durable enough to withstand the most extreme conditions. Christian Martischius, a world-famous photographer and journalist, found the spectacles that can survive everything from blizzards and sandstorms to documenting urban riots or caving expeditions. Meet the Corona by LINDBERG, a unique eyepiece with uncompromising minimalist design and durable construction.

lindberg corona rim eyeglasses
lindberg corona rim frame

Christian Martischius wearing the Corona frame by LINDBERG during his 1.100 km expedition through Alaska’s wilderness

When Christian began to plan his arctic expedition to Alaska, he decided that his old good pair of LINDBERG titanium eyeglasses had served their purpose. Having experienced the ultimate durability of these spectacles, he had no doubt that the LINDBERG frames were suitable for the severe conditions of the Arctic. Christian stopped his choice on the Corona frame from the LINDBERG Air Titanium Rim Collection. The expedition went through Alaska’s most remote and untraveled areas, offering the travelers a chance to experience a real adventure. In Christian words, the LINDBERG glasses worked just perfect, even in the worst conditions.

The LINDBERG Air Titanium Rim Collection offers titanium wire frame eyewear which is incredibly lightweight and flexible, making it the perfect choice for any activity. At the same time, titanium is an extremely strong material that can withstand even the most rugged conditions. These spectacles are also extremely durable due to titanium's natural corrosion-resistance—guaranteeing the wearer years of stylish protection no matter what life throws their way. With their modern, minimalist designs, titanium frames from Lindberg Air Titanium Rim Collection bring luxury and sophistication to everyday eyewear.

Gean Air Titanium Frame by Lindberg
Gillian Air Titanium Frame by Lindberg

Jean - P70/K229

 LINDBERG Air Titanium Rim Collection

Gillian – P10/K223

 LINDBERG Air Titanium Rim Collection

All designs within the collection are motivated by the contemporary movement of functionalism, an aesthetic and minimalist design language distinguished by the absence of bold decoration. This is best demonstrated in the iconic spiral hinge that features the masterfully engineered design, stripped of all unnecessary elements like rivets and screws. The range includes classic round, square and oval shapes, reinterpreted with a modern touch. The models are not only known for their sleek designs but also for their remarkable fit, making them ideal for almost any lifestyle.

Oscar from Lindberg Air Titanium Rim Collection
Joshua from Lindberg Air Titanium Rim Collection

Oscar - PU9/K272

 LINDBERG Air Titanium Rim Collection

Joshua - PU9/SL89

 LINDBERG Air Titanium Rim Collection

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The Art of Customization

LINDBERG air titanium rim glasses are offered in an amazing range of different colors. The customer is welcomed to combine colors of the frame front, temples and temple covers to tailor their one-of-a-kind pair of customized LINDBERG glasses.

Add even more color to your air titanium rim glasses with elegant temple covers

For those who want to add an extra touch of contrast and depth to the minimalist designs, the collection offers frames with acetate inner rims. We, at EuroOptica, are proud to be a certified retailer of unique LINDBERG Titanium Eyewear in Manhattan, New York. We invite you to visit our optical store at 280 Columbus Ave (corner of W 73rd St) to discover all LINDBERG collections. Your eyewear is an extension of yourself. Make the right decision!