Lenses Replacement in a Pinch

Lenses Replacement

There are few things less convenient than losing or breaking an eyeglass lens. It often comes out of nowhere and, depending upon the quality of your eyesight, can end up seriously disrupting your daily routine. Something as simple as the loss of a lens can impede your ability to drive, work and see the things you need to see in everyday life. EuroOptica offers quality, professional and prompt lenses replacement as part of our service philosophy. Call our experienced and qualified optical professionals today at 212-501-7070 or stop by our NYC location. We look forward to helping you see again. 

When Speed Counts

At EuroOptica , we understand that our customers depend on their glasses to live and work, but that they also have incredibly busy lives and can’t wait days or weeks to get their lenses replaced. Part of our commitment to 100 percent customer satisfaction is offering same-day lenses replacement whenever possible so you can start seeing again as quickly as possible. Whether you need a new lens for your readers, your sunglasses or your everyday eyewear, we are committed to serving all of your eyeglass-replacement needs. There’s no reason to spend days without your glasses. Let our professionals help resolve your lens replacement issues now. 

Keep Your Current Frames

Nobody understands better than the professionals at EuroOptica how attached a person can be to their eyeglass frames. As one of New York’s premiere designer vision centers, we know how deep and particular our customers’ preferences can run. Although we have the latest designer frames for sale, there’s no need to go out and replace the frames you have if you’re attached to them. Our lenses replacement options allow you to keep the frames you’ve grown to love so you can continue to sport your unique, distinct and one-of-a-kind look. You can also order new frames online if you can be without your glasses for a little while. 

Customized Service for a Customized Look

Whether you need reading glasses, sunglasses or everyday eyewear, EuroOptica  is determined to find the look that’s right for you. We carry a comprehensive inventory of high-end designer frames and look forward to helping you find the perfect aesthetic. Call our friendly and helpful professionals today at 212-501-7070 or stop by our New York location at 288 Columbus Avenue. You can also shop for your new glasses online for convenience and peace of mind.