Julie Banderas Stepped Out in a Pair of Lafont Paris ‘Ingres’ Glasses

Lafont Paris Glasses

Julie Banderas, who currently serves as a New York-based anchor for FOX News Channel, once again demonstrated her exceptional sense of style, donning a pair of Jean Lafont Paris ‘Ingres’ glasses on 'America's Newsroom'. Lafont is a popular brand amongst eyewear fashion-lovers known for its bright designs and superior craftsmanship. By complimenting her elegant outfit with dazzling Lafont Paris ‘Ingres’ frames, Julie Banderas shows us how a pair of high-end eyepieces can elevate any look from ordinary to extraordinary.

Lafont Paris Ingres tortoiseshell Glasses
Lafont Paris Ingres tortoiseshell Glasses

Julie Banderas wearing Ingres frame by Lafont Paris

Julie Banderas is a real guru in her field and a role model for many aspiring and upcoming journalists. She is far from timid in speaking her mind and it is that quality that makes her as outstanding as she is. It's not surprising, thus, that Lafont Paris, a bastion of color and a home for creative personalities who aren’t afraid of being different, has become a choice for Julie. The Ingres is a classic rounded silhouette with vintage-inspired details, such as a keyhole bridge. The tortoiseshell frame embodies both sophisticated style and modern chic - something that Lafont Paris Glasses are distinguished by!

Lafont Paris Ingres Glasses in Tortoiseshell

The House of Lafont has obtained the OFG (Guaranteed French Origin) label. The Certification applies to the entire acetate collection, and solidifies Lafont’s position as a pillar of French eyewear manufacturing. Designed for men, women, and kids, the Lafont frames are made with precision and performance in mind. The process of manufacturing a pair of Lafont glasses takes 8 to 14 weeks and involves 120 to 220 successive operations, depending on the complexity of the frame. Most of these processes are manual, which makes Lafont eyewear a real work-of-art.

Lafont Paris Eyeglasses
Lafont Paris Eyewear

Lafont Paris LOUANGE Frame in col. Blue

Lafont Paris LANA Frame in col. Red

Creative upcycling, a unique concept developed by Thomas Lafont, combines eco-design, eyewear expertise and creativity. This exclusive technique utilized in creating frames combines both bio-acetate and recycled acetate. The two materials undergo a thermofusion process that yields distinct, bright results. The lightweight acetate construction makes them incredibly comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, and the glossy finish provides an extra touch of sophistication sure to impress. From the polished hues and vibrant colors to subtle details like the embossed Lafont logo, these glasses will make you stand out from the crowd with confidence. 

Lafont Paris Optical Frames
Lafont Paris Optical Frames

Lafont Paris LIA Frame in col. Green

Lafont Paris LAURENCE Frame in col. Black

The Lafont Paris Eyewear Collection includes over 120 different sunglasses and optical frames offered in 234 colors, 80% of which are exclusive. The bold frames by Lafont Paris are worn by fashionistas from rue Cambon or the most eccentric celebrities like Lady Gaga… Join the cohort of the world-famous stars by choosing a pair of the luxury and chic Lafont Paris glasses. Visit EuroOptica, NYC, to discover our wide collection of the Lafont frames and pick up the design that best matches your unique personality.

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