Iconic HENAU Frames in New Exciting Colors

Henau Optical Frames 2022

HENAU glasses are not just optical frames or shades; they are artistic objects that have their own character and unique heritage. For over 30 years, the Belgium eyewear brand HENAU creates trendy glasses that successfully blend advanced optical functionality with modern design. Its eyewear collections offer unique frames that will delight those people who love shapes, structure and bright colors.

Sophisticated forms, geometric abstract, timeless design. The HENAU optical frames are one-of-a-kind hand-drawn eyewear pieces, sprouted from the creative mind of Marc Delagrange, a spirited optician whose passion for creating outstanding frames has turned into a global business. Here, we’ve collected the most iconic HENAU optical frames offered in new color combinations. Let’s dive into the world of sophisticated geometry.

LUNAM – Special Glasses for Winners

Henau Lunam Acetate and Titanium Optical Frame

Henau Lunam Acetate and Titanium Optical Frame  

The winner of the Silmo d’Or 2021 prize in the OPTICAL FRAME «EYEWEAR DESIGNER» category, the Lunam gives aminimalistic but bold look. The frame is designed to reflect and reinforce the personality of those who wear it. They beautifully combine acetate and titanium and feature the refined hinge, smoothly integrated with the acetate face. 

ODORONO and HEXAGONO – Avant-Garde Design for Creative People

Henau Eyewear Collection 2022 Transparent Optical Frames Odorono Hexagono

ODORONO and HEXAGONO Optical Frames in Unique Color Setting A88 

Both optical frames are the eye-catchers of the HENAU STRUCTURE collection that offers very strong shapes, full of character.  The refined geometry is masterfully combined with advanced optical functionality, resulting in a distinctive design with fully symmetrical glass shape and bright colors in line with its design.

ODORONO Frame in col. B80 

ODORONO is a frame with an iconic shape and contemporary character. Two perfect monocles connected by a straight line create a unique eyewear design that makes people turn their heads. Style, form and function are gathered in one round frame to become a real standout. 

HEXAGONO Frame in col. A88 

HEXAGONO Frame in col. P87 

Architectural and bold HEXAGONO is a perfect combination of elegance and modernism. Despite its geometric form, the frame perfectly fits the wearer’s head. So, if you opt for unique prescription glasses, these transparent hexagon spectacles are the way to go! Made of durable yet lightweight acetate, this frame is guaranteed to become your perfect daily companion. 

JOTA – Where Eyewear Meets Art

Henau Jota Acetate Overcized Eyeglasses

Henau Jota Acetate Overcized Eyeglasses 

Designed purely for artful appeal, the JOTA will perfectly emphasize the wearer’s character and personality. Although the model looks contemporary, the design clearly makes a nod to the modernism of the 60s. Graceful eyeglasses in elegant colors. 

LANCONO – Distinct Identity

Henau Lancono Transparent Acetate Geometric Eyeglasses

HENAU CHARACTER Collection – LANCONO Frame in col. 8366 

Stylish and sleek geometric frame is a true must-have for any fashionista! These unique spectacles feature transparent structure and come offered in a range of bold color combinations, which makes them ideal for accentuating the wearer’s facial features and emphasizing their individuality. 

BALTO – Charisma and Elegance

Henau Balto Round Acetate Optical Frame

BALTO is a striking optical frame that combines Belgian design with fine French craftsmanship. Its unique form and bold color scheme gives a chic, elegant look that is easy to love. This is a model with a fresh, contemporary character and free spirit. 

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