ic! berlin Drops the 25th Anniversary 2021 Capsule Collection

ic berlin Stainless Steel Eyeglasses

The world-renowned German eyewear brand ic! berlin celebrates its 25th Anniversary and presents an outstanding collection of eyeglasses committed to this event. Since 1996, the company has produced high-end hand-crafted frames with an unparalleled dedication to detail. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and innovative methods that have been developed over decades in the pursuit for perfection, ic! berlin creates real works of art. Every pair of sunglasses or optical frames is an embodiment of the passion and dedication to give life to the finest eyewear in the world, made in Germany.


To mark its 25th anniversary, ic! berlin launches a collection of sophisticated optical styles, which celebrates the invention of screwless stainless steel sheet eyewear. The range includes 6 charismatic frames for men and women. All shapes feature the exclusively designed ‘25’ logo inspired by the brand’s iconic hinge design and the manual bending of stainless steel sheet metal. A combination of ultra-lightweight construction and bold looks ensure a perfect balance of style and functionality. All 6 styles from the new capsule collection are pre-fitted with DuraVision® BlueProtect by ZEISS. This is a unique coating especially developed for people who spend a lot of their time in front of the TV, computer or tablet screens and thus are exposed to harmful blue-violet light from LEDs. Each blue protect frame features a ZEISS logo on both lenses.


ic! belin Bradley Eyeglasses – M1592 in Gun-Metal​​
ic! belin Denisa C. Eyeglasses – M1593 in Lava​​

When it comes to the design, the new eyeglasses can boast of surprising details such as the flipped top bar of Bradly H. or the cut-off corner of Denisa C.. Offered in vibrant red with subtle yet provocative twists, Denisa C. is a frame that will upgrade any woman’s outfit. For those who appreciate comfort and want to make a bold statement, Mr. Yang is the perfect style. And, if you’re a fan of classic silhouettes, the style Ivan B. is to your liking. This elegant model creates a clean, pure and sophisticated look. All these eyewear styles (along with Havier V. and Vitan V.) will become the collector’s pieces! 


ic! berlin Mr. Yang Eyeglasses – M1595 in Gun-Metal 


ic! berlin Ivan B. Eyeglasses – M1594 in Gun-Metal​​

As you can see, after 25 years of successfully designing and producing high-end eyewear pieces, ic! berlin continues to look to the future. Take in the fine-tuned design details of the new classic collection by visiting EuroOptica, an authorized distributor for authentic ic! berlin eyewear in Manhattan, New York.