Gai Gherardi, the Co-Founder of l.a.Eyeworks, Got the 2021 OWA Award

Co-Founder of l.a.Eyeworks

The OWA (Optical Women’s Association) has announced that Gai Gherardi, the co-founder of l.a.Eyeworks, will receive the 2021 OWA Pleiades award to honor her exceptional action in the eyewear industry. Each year, the Association awards two women to support and promote their professional development in the optical sphere. As Robyn Crimmins, the OWA’s president noted, the organization is proud to honor Gai whose enthusiasm, willingness to work hard, and professionalism helped to reimagine what an eyewear brand can be. The Association said they are going to announce the details about the ceremony of rewarding later this year. 

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Being a co-designer and co-founder of l.a.Eyeworks company that was launched by Gherardi and her best school friend Barbara McReynolds in 1979, Gai was always interested in design. She is always devoted to the brand’s main mission: to expand the possibilities of what glasses can be. When the company opened its first store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, it had a slogan that said “Changing the Face. Facing the Change.” As an innovator in creative design, with its impressive glasses styles, l.a.Eyeworks has made a great impact on what an eyewear manufacturer can be. 

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From making fashionable frames to designing protective cases, Gai Gerardi leaves no detail untouched, bringing groundbreaking creativity everywhere in her work. Her greatest desire was to expand the conversation about glasses, and she has accomplished her goal and keeps continuing this mission with incredible collections of bold and extravagant optical frames crafted by l.a.Eyeworks. Gerardi believes that distinctive and stylish glasses can become a start point for any person to their positive transformation. The contribution of the famous eyewear designer will continue beyond the Pleiades award because her dedicated work and her great dream have become a great inspiration for others.