Fresh and Dynamic Optical Styles from Sabine Be

Sabine Be Be Square Swell Red impressive frame

Bold, mesmerizing, impressive, playful and totally unique! Whichever word you use, it will perfectly describe Sabine Be eyewear. Amazing designs and bright colors make these glasses a perfect tool to reflect your inner world and fill your life with joy and beauty. Each frame is handmade in France utilizing premium-quality materials and a deep passion for art. So, if you belong to those personalities who are not afraid of being individually noticed, the Sabine Be glasses are sure to strike a chord in your heart!

Founded in 2014 by Sabine Bégault-Vagner, the brand has quickly gained popularity for its eye-popping spectacles featuring extraordinary design and ultimate quality. Today, the world of Sabine Be includes dozens of amazing sunglasses and optical frames that cater for all tastes, ages, and groups. Its outstanding eyewear collections are an explosion of color and intricate silhouettes that take care of the smallest detail, with a designation of each very explicit model, Be Bold, Be Muse, Be Pretty…

Let’s dive into the wonderful world of the renowned French designer and enjoy the most opulent optical frames from the latest optical collection. Each frame is a real work of art that combines beautiful colors and fantastic shapes.

Cool geometric frame Be Muse by Sabine Be

Be Muse! A seductive and provocative geometric frame is created to evoke emotions and inspire you to live for the now. The small slit on the left side adds a special touch that attracts attention and begs a question. 

Classy frame of navigator shape Be Boyish by Sabine Be

Be Boyish! This frame is a perfect example of classy simplicity that suits any occasion. The classic navigator silhouette perfectly blends with bold colors to create a refined symphony. 

Impressive frame Be Idol from exclusive Sabine Be Eyewear collection

Be Idol! There is something really enigmatic and intimate about this transparent frame and the way it doesn’t hide anything. These glasses have everything you need to break the ice and leave a lasting impression. 

Bold frame Be Bold from the latest Sabine Be collection

Be Bold! Daring glasses with strong lines and translucent acetate frame create a bold, powerful statement. The edges are highlighted in a striking color to add dimension and create a vibrant style statement. 

Ultra-modern round acetate eyeglasses by Sabine Be Be Addict

Be Addict! Perfect round glasses with an iconic shape and contrasting colored acetate inserts are an icon of Sabine Be’s collection. Classic silhouette with a modern twist that will never go out of fashion.

Cool and fascinating frame Be Ballon by Sabine Be

Be Ballon! Feel free and enjoy yourself while wearing these fascinating glasses! The frame was nominated in the 10 best among 165 international brands in the Design Category at the Graziella Pagni Eyewear Award.

Sabine Be playful frame Be Yang featuring circular-shaped lenses

Be Yang! Eccentric and playful glasses are characterized by circular-shaped lenses with a sharp tip at the lower side of the frame. The delicious combination of colors makes this model a very special accessory. 

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