Facebook and Ray-Ban Are Going to Produce Smart Glasses

Facebook and Ray-Ban Smart Glasses

Facebook plans to release its first pair of smart glasses in 2021 as branded Ray-Ban spectacles. The global company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that they don’t plan to equip these glasses with an integrated display, and it will not be classified as an AR device. It is not clear yet what the main features the smart glasses will have because the company keeps them a secret. Facebook announced cooperation for the development of this smart device with a well-known Italian company Luxottica, and it will be branded one of the most popular eyewear companies all over the world, Ray-Ban.

Mark Zuckerberg has ensured that Facebook has chosen an ambitious partner to use its great potential and wide experience to create the exclusive fashionable smart glasses. The product will mix the best from two powerful companies – innovative technology and extraordinary style to provide people new, more simple ways to connect with others. It’s expected that the smart glasses will let people take pictures and make calls easily without picking up the phone. Facebook hasn’t yet informed when people will be able to pre-order these glasses and said nothing about the price but they are working on a prototype to show it soon.

The Vice President of Facebook Reality Labs Andrew Bosworth expects a fruitful partnership with Luxottica, and he feels proud of the cooperation with the famous company that creates trendy and high-quality eyewear for many years, using the latest technologies and improving all the manufacturing processes constantly. Luxottica is also glad to participate in this project to develop the iconic brand Ray-Ban, and it hopes to create a new product that will shift expectations. Companies have informed that the main details about new smart glasses, including name, specifications, pricing, and other data will be shared closer to the product’s launch.