FACE À FACE Presents New Charismatic Sunglasses: Dramatic Shapes and Cosmic Color Combos!

Face A Face SS 2022 Night Sunglasses

Established in Paris in 1995, FACE À FACE has become a unique and modern reference in eyewear. Always expressive and Avant-Garde, the brand symbolizes a mastery of colors and audacious silhouettes. The FACE À FACE glasses are inspired by contemporary art and architecture and assembled by skilled craftsmen in France and Italy.


The latest FACE À FACE SS2022 Eyewear Collection demonstrates the ideal balance between elegance and boldness! For the new range, FACE À FACE’s expert design team continues its poetic exploration into the world of light and color. As a result, these outstanding glasses perfectly combine sleek volumes with fine lines – a truly head-turning look created through the expression of FACE À FACE’s legendary expertise. We, at EuroOptica, bring to your attention the hottest sunglass frames from the new collection.


FACE A FACE Sunglasses – Eclips 1 in col.1485 and Night 2 in col.3003 – BROWSE FULL SELECTION

FACE A FACE Sunglasses – Eclips 2 in col.2655 and Night 1 in col.3209 


These charismatic new sunglasses and their geometric designs are inspired by outer space with its celestial bodies and amazing lighting effects. A new color palette astonishes with its variety and expressiveness: from electric ultra-violets and imperial reds to sapphire blues and caramel browns. So, if you dare to live with the colors of the future from FACE À FACE, let’s discover some of the most standout sunglasses.


THE CLONE – An Explosion of Colors

FACE A FACE Sunglasses – Clone 1 in col.2771 and Clone 2 in col.0343 



The magical and divine CLONE sunglasses conjure up extravagance. Inspired by the beauty of asteroids, this acetate frame features an exclusive geometric design and comes offered in spectacular color combinations. The subtlety of the lighting effects gives this frame a cosmic halo, creating the effect of doubling the glass and bevel work around the rim. Click here, to discover the Clone in an explosion of exclusive colors and materials. Divine and divinatory! 


Clone 2 in col.100 


Clone 2 in col.0343 

The NIGHT – All-Embracing and Spicy

These two-tone top-down extreme wraparound sunglasses make a refined game out of ambiguity. Bold oversized cat eye (NIGHT 1) and square shaped (NIGHT 2) acetate frames feature wide arms shaped like a headband: a catwalk-style mask with feminine sensuality. The beveled edges catch bursts of light, giving the frame a dual aspect. The breathtaking color combinations make these shades stand out: sandy tones blend with a safari palette emphasized by large black arms, whilst a milky pink coalesces with acidic yellow, contrasting with the inky blue arms like a Venetian mask. Respond to the allure of the night in broad daylight with NIGHT glasses from FACE À FACE! 


Night 1 in col.7407 


Night 2 in col.3003 

The ECLIPS – Majestic Character

These spectacular sunglasses will tell you the story of the moon! A soft square (ECLIPS 1) and a round (ECLIPS 2) silhouettes reveal their cosmic dimension by playing with transparencies and colors, resulting in an explicit halo recalling the beauty of an eclipse. The volume of the eye emerges from the contour, which then becomes more refined: a real work of arts that definitely deserves your attention! Embedded turquoise and prismatic violet with a milky mandarin temple, whilst the eclipse appears in all its glory represented by a black eye and transparent smoky-gray lunar halo. Eyewear from elsewhere! 


Eclips 1 in col.100 


Eclips 1 in col.1485 

Eclips 2 in col.100


These opulent sunglasses are just a few frames from a comprehensive range of energetic new concepts from FACE À FACE full collection of FACE À FACE glasses. Welcome to EuroOptica, New York, to discover the, including refined optical frames and bold sunglasses. From outer space these designs are on a collision course with a new planet of aesthetics!