FACE À FACE Plays with Light and Color within the New AW21 Optical Collection

Face A Face FW2021 Optical Collection Light and Color

The newly launched AW2021 collection from FACE À FACE is all about colors and light like resources for redesigning and upgrading frames. Inspired by the daily path of the sun across the sky, the new creations are full of luminous energy; they are poetic and audacious. FACE À FACE dares you to play with shapes, shades, palettes and motifs. Utilizing state-of-the-art materials, milling and slices of color, the renowned eyewear brand creates outstanding glasses that are guaranteed to melt the hearts of the most discerning fashionistas.

Each frame within the 2021 collection is designed in the FACE À FACE color lab and assembled by skilled craftsmen in France and Italy. This is the place where the light becomes an element to be shaped, and the new eye-catching color palettes to be born: neon hues are set against the colors of the night sky; dark shades are illuminated by bright; cold tones are paired with hot. Light goes through each optical model by way of cut-outs and illuminations, giving vitality to these new eyewear designs.

We, at EuroOptica, discovered the new FACE À FACE collection and gathered the hottest optical frames for both men and women. Let’s dive into the magical world of quirky elegance and modern art.

CILAOS – Live in Time with the Sun

FACE À FACE AW2021 Collection – CILAOS 1 

Extremely graphic and refined, the CILAOS features a truncated line hooked around the perimeter of the frame, which continues in dots and dashes along the arm. Made from a single block, these eyeglasses cultivate wealth and complexity. A stylish panto and a square are shown in new vibrant springtime color combinations. The color applied to the surface of the optical frame as a way of showing the play of light and time on these glasses which resemble the shape of a sundial.

WITTY – Springtime Sensuality

FACE À FACE AW2021 Collection – WITTY 1 

These bold glasses are as lively as they are balanced: two deep colors collide and react vibrantly. Just like an unceremonious ray of sunshine breaks through the clouds, the colourlight penetrates and illuminates the WITTY frame, styling it geometrically: a colored groove gives volume, highlights and opens up the glasses for an opulent look. A hexagon panto comes offered in expertly crafted colors: a nude brighten up with lipstick-red plays with their reflections and freshness, while a pixelated russet tortoiseshell is highlighted by a touch of aniseed yellow. 

MIKADO – Artsy Spirit at its Peak

FACE À FACE AW2021 Collection – MIKADO 2 

Inspired by Japanese motifs, the MIKADO by FACE À FACE evokes graphic punctuation. Handcrafted in France from premium-quality acetate, these glasses are sturdy and refined. The sophisticated gaps provide the eye with trenches of light and color, creating a delicate and far-away look. Drawn in a single gesture with calligraphic energy, the imaginary stroke is visible and apparent. The MIKADO is offered in two feline inspired silhouettes: rectangular or round, which makes it adapt to numerous face morphologies. 

FRANK – Combination of Candour and Awe

FACE À FACE AW2021 Collection – FRANK 1 

Inspired by passionate men who are really exploding with energy, the FRANK by FACE À FACE is a masculine frame with a soft but striking shape. Its generous geometric design is both sturdy and sculpted: a solid pin and five-piece hinge make for assertive spectacles… Small and large rectangle shapes reveal the beauty of the new exclusive colors and materials: from a deconstructed mosaic in grey paired with orange-red to an opaque royal blue with deep black details. 

NEONN – Resolutely Innovative Design

FACE À FACE AW2021 Collection – NEONN 1 

The real jewel of the AW2021 collection, the NEONN is a rich, masculine frame that dares the light like nothing else. It is the result of a new color application technique: neon is enclosed between two dark flats, resembling the light of an eclipse, thus creating an impressive halo effect. The NEONN cultivates subtlety thanks to a colorful tone-on-tone between the bar and the eye, giving the design real richness. A squared panto shape with cut-off corner and an offset central pin demonstrates the art of the craftsmanship and gives depth to the wearer’s look. 

GORDON – Signature of FACE À FACE Graphic Language

FACE À FACE AW2021 Collection – GORDON 1 

Inspired by industrial rough machining, the GORDON is a masculine and solid optical frame with perfectly machined angles. Between graphic design and sculpture, these standout glasses play with a twofold look, shiny and matte, and dual perception, subtle and solid. A tall rectangle and a large rectangle display their rich contours, creating a drop-dead explosive effect. The GORDON is a strong, sharp style with assertive energetic lines that will appeal to passionate male eyewear enthusiasts. 

Each creation from the FACE A FACE AW21 collection is crafted with dedication and precision. Each frame’s evolutionary process touches the hands of the world’s most talented eyewear artisans. To discover more dramatic silhouettes and unique color combinations, visit EuroOptica boutique at 280 Columbus Ave, New York. For all the latest eyewear trends and product launches, follow our style blog, which is in the top 60 eyewear blogs at feedspot.com, the resource trusted by 4 million users in 150+ countries. It is a powerful content reader that will help you keep up with all your information sources in one place, thus automating your workflow and making your life easier. Be Unique with FACE À FACE, Be Trendy with EuroOptica, and Be Organized with Feedspot