FACE A FACE Launched the Gotham Frame in a New 2021 Pantone Color

FACE A FACE a New 2021 Pantone Color

At the beginning of the year, a famous French eyewear company, FACE A FACE, introduced its Gotham frame in a new 2021 Pantone color. The company combined two different colors, ultimate gray and illuminating, to send the message of hope and strength. This combination looks quite bold, uplifting, and strong, filling people with energy and optimism. This is a frame for those who want to express their mood for 2021 by the bright combination of colors and finish their outfit with a touch of individuality and contemporary style. Pantone tones symbolize the light at the end of the tunnel and the brighter future expected by everyone in the new year.


Sleek and fashionable, the Gotham frame consists of two solid acetate sheets that give a feeling of excellent precision. These superior glasses carry their neo-retro aesthetics throughout the frame to the end tips. Stylish and bold, bright and modern, the spectacles are made for extraordinary, interesting, positive, and spirited people who know what they want from life. Rock and practical, strong but at the same time optimistic and warm, the combination of colors makes a feeling of hope for better and resilience. Crafted by experienced masters from high-quality acetate, Gotham frames are also available in a choice of other colors.

Being a popular brand in Europe, North America, and Asia, FACE A FACE creates creative and modern eyewear of innovative and unique style since 1995 with no compromise on quality and design. As a part of Design Eyewear Group, this brand researches the deep relationship between colors, light, and contrast to make fashionable glasses recognizable by customers all over the globe. The eyewear company introduces a new vision of the world with its bright and contemporary spectacles and invites you to enter this world wearing a pair of dare and ultra-stylish Gotham glasses in a new 2021 Pantone color.