Face a Face Impresses with Its Stunning Collection

Face a Face

The renowned Parisian eyewear brand grew out of a passion for architecture and showcases its marvelous vision of modern optical accessories which long ceased to be just correction devices having become a way to express characters and individualities of their wearers.
Drawing inspiration from modern art, architecture and contemporary design brand’s designers masterfully work with volumes and shapes, mixing  colours and textures, combining artistic skills with technological innovations to make impressive eyewear pieces which help to create independent, daring, intellectual or seductive images.
This season we can notice how color palette of Gauguin and Matisse enchanted the design team of Face a Face which led to a splash of intrigue green or magic blue with lavish red. The new collection fascinates us with unpredictable metamorphosis of playful shades in a combination with transparency, when light and color intertwine, creating a unique masterpiece. As an example of the new stunning collection meet the new star Bocca Gina 2 is shaped as a tribute to the Italian diva Gina Lollobrigida and expresses the true femininity in each frame detail including delicate colors and tiny shoes at the tip of the temples. 
Experience the uniqueness of each design, created by colour and lighting effects which change at a slight movement.