Express Your Unique Self with Opulent Glasses from New Kirk & Kirk Centiles Collection

Kirk and Kirk Centiles Collection FW 2021

The newly launched Centiles Collection by Kirk & Kirk is causing quite a stir. It is not about glasses. It is all about finding the right eyewear to express your personality, your environment, your mood. The continuation of the Centena Collection, the Centiles offers six bold, confident silhouettes that come in five sumptuous, unique colors that you cannot find anywhere else.

To create remarkable glasses for the most dauntless and audacious personalities, Kirk & Kirk utilizes their signature 10 mm Italian acrylic, which is exceptionally durable but lightweight material that won’t lose adjustment or stretch over time. Despite a bold and chunky appearance, the frames weigh next to nothing and are incredibly comfortable to wear. Every optical design from the new Centiles Collection is a bursting, vibrant celebration of emotion and color; a bold expression of style in ultra-bright acrylic.

Kirk & Kirk Signature 10 mm Italian Acrylic in Apple and Fucshia

Another groundbreaking feature that makes Kirk & Kirk glasses stand out from the rest is the innovative German five-barreled hinge design that amplifies the strength of the frame’s construction. There is no reinforcing wire in the temples; the frame holds its shape and stays comfortable forever. Also, every pair of spectacles comes with integrated nose pads that cushion and help in the even distribution of weight across the bridge.

Kirk & Kirk is the first eyewear brand to combine the two-toned color pattern. Let’s find out more about this colorful collection designed to spice up the grey winter weather with some vibrant shades. The Centiles frames are offered in five eye-catching colors, including the Passion, a sensual mix of red and pink; the Secret, a soft grey/black combination, the Meadow, reminiscent of the horizon where the grasses touch the sky, the Citrus, a mouth-watering blend of orange and yellow, and the Blue Moon, a subtle combination of blue and violet acrylic.

Each optical model within the Centiles collection is the embodiment of power, purest energy and passion. Meet the Storm, a modern silhouette that features a thick frame with a soft, almost pentagonal lens shape, which brings a whole new dimension to these glasses. Beautifully balanced and hand-crafted in one factory in France from start to finish, the frame is quality and perfect fit. It is the hurricane, harnessing the forces of nature.

Kirk and Kirk Pentagonal Octagonal Eyeglasses in Pink and Red

The Storm Frame in Passion – Kirk & Kirk Centiles Collection 

Kirk and Kirk Geometric Optical Acrylic Frame in Blue and Green

The Storm Frame in Meadow – Kirk & Kirk Centiles Collection 

In the contemporary world of uncertainty, we need confidence and power. We need a hero – so meet the Thor frame, the protector, skillful concentration of strength and durability. Handcrafted in France from the unique 10 mm Italian acrylic, this frame is completely different to anything else that is out there right now and yet it is so easy to wear. There is a hint of retro in here, a nod to the 80’s. 

Kirk and Kirk Pilot Navigator Acrylic Frame in Black and Grey

The Thor Frame in Secret – Kirk & Kirk Centiles Collection 

Kirk and Kirk Retro Transparent Eyeglasses in Yellow and Orange

The Thor Frame in Citrus – Kirk & Kirk Centiles Collection 

If you’re striving for grace and elegance, the Lotus is the frame you need! These bold yet sensual eyeglasses are just perfect to express your bright personality. It’s a whisper shared in a crowded room, an emotion imparted with a glance, no words necessary. You will love all the flattering angles and sculpted quality of this beautiful shape. 

Kirk and Kirk Retro Transparent Cat-Eye Optical Frame in Grey and Black

The Lotus Frame in Secret – Kirk & Kirk Centiles Collection 

Kirk and Kirk Acrylic Butterfly Frame in Blue with Sharp Angles

The Lotus Frame in Blue Moon – Kirk & Kirk Centiles Collection

It’s not always easy to choose frames, especially when you are looking for something special. You just need to try these Kirk & Kirk beauties on! Welcome to EuroOpticaan authorized distributor of one-of-a-kind Kirk & Kirk sunglasses and optical frames in Manhattan, New York. Our professional staff will be happy to help you choose your perfect frame!