Etnia Barcelona Unveils AZUL ETNIA Collection - Limited Edition Sunglasses in Deep Blue

Azul Etnia Barcelona Sunglasses 2022

Etnia Barcelona is still celebrating their XX ANNIVERSARY. For the occasion, the renowned Spanish eyewear brand presents new models from the Heritage collection. A limited edition capsule is a tribute to art, history and color. Since the foundation, Etnia has been inspired by the most popular icons of the history of humanity. The new campaign, boasting the photography of Biel Capllonch, stars the popular historical personalities, such as Nelson Mandela, Audrey Hepburn, John Lennon, Jacques-Yves Cousteau and others. At some point, these people spurned the conventions of their time and asked themselves “why not?”

Etnia Barcelona Einstein Blur Round Sunglasses
Etnia Azul Round Acetate Sunglasses in Blue

Azul Etnia Collection - The Einstein Sunglasses 

Designed for brave and self-sufficing men and women who are not afraid to try and explore, the AZUL ETNIA collection offers bold, oversized frames: The Kennedy, The Einstein, The Kubrick and The Kahlo. Each pair of sunglasses is crafted from Mazzucchelli acetate, which is derived from natural materials, such as cotton and wood. Then, the frame is manually finished for lasting beauty and durability. The shades are fitted with the Barberini blue tinted mineral glass lenses and HD Colors technology, which highlights and enhances primary colors without reducing visual perception. A second-to-none experience to enjoy.

Etnia Barcelona Kahlo Sunglasses
Etnia Barcelona Panto Sunglasses in Blue

Azul Etnia Collection - The Kahlo Sunglasses 

Homage to Color

This time around, with the AZUR ETNIA Collection, the brand pays homage to one of the main attributes that has brought it success and recognition: color. The unique, limited-edition sunglasses are presented in a vivid, intense and vibrant blue color, as catching as the ocean. The immensity of this color perfectly reflects the character of Etnia Barcelona: pure, ground-breaking, bold and bursting with life. The AZUR ETNIA shades are a stunning combination of premium-quality materials, eye-catching design and sophisticated details, such as the gold insets on the tips of the temples. Get a stunning look and unique visual experience with Etnia Barcelona!

Etnia Barcelona Kennedy Rectangular Acetate Sunglasses
Etnia Barcelona Kennedy Blue Sunglasses

Azul Etnia Collection - The Kennedy Sunglasses 

Responsible Product

Since the beginning, Etnia Barcelona has had a strong commitment to sustainability. That’s why they offer a lasting product and of natural origins: acetate that comes from cotton and wood, and lenses for sunglasses, made from pure mineral glass. These two quality materials increase the lifespan of Etnia’s glasses and contribute to slow fashion. Additionally, the brand eliminates single-use plastics in their packaging and replaces it with one that is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Be eco-friendly and responsible for our Earth with ETNIA BARCELONA.

Etnia Barcelona Kubrick Acetate Sunglasses in Blue
Etnia Barcelona Kubrick Rectangular Blue Sunglasses

Azul Etnia Collection - The Kubrick Sunglasses 

In 20 years, ETNIA BARCELONA has gained immense popularity without ever losing an ounce of their rebellious spirit. We, at EuroOptica, are proud to be an authorized retailer for authentic ETNIA BARCELONA glasses and wish the brand all the best for the future! To discover the full range of breathtaking Etnia’s sunglasses and optical frames, welcome to our optical boutique at 280 Columbus Ave, Manhattan, New York.