Ethnia Barcelona x Casa Batlló: A Harmony of Modernism, Color, and Design

Ethnia Barcelona x Casa Batlló capsule collection

Etnia Barcelona, an independent eyewear brand celebrated for its dedication to art, quality, and vibrant colors, proudly presents the Casa Batlló x Etnia Barcelona collection. This limited-edition capsule features sunglasses inspired by the iconic symbols of Antoni Gaudí’s architectural masterpiece. With this release, the brand offers a unique, creative, and sophisticated perspective, elevating eyewear fashion to new artistic heights. The ‘Casa Batlló x Etnia Barcelona’ collection draws inspiration from Casa Batlló, one of Barcelona's most emblematic buildings. As a World Heritage Site and a pinnacle of Modernism, Casa Batlló embodies the artistic movement that revolutionized Catalonia with its decorative exuberance, vivid colors, and distinctive sinuous lines. 

This collection captures the essence of Gaudí's work, which is renowned for its organic forms inspired by nature and its departure from conventional design norms. Etnia Barcelona's new capsule collection pays homage to the transformative power of Modernism, reflecting the living, free-spirited art that characterizes Gaudí’s creations. By incorporating these elements into their eyewear designs, Etnia Barcelona continues to push the boundaries of fashion and art, offering pieces that are not only functional but also profoundly artistic. Each pair of sunglasses from this collection is a testament to the brand’s commitment to creativity and innovation, making them a perfect accessory for those who appreciate the intersection of art and style.

Ethnia Barcelona sunglasses 8 colors

Eight amazing colours of new sunglasses Casa Batlló x Ethnia Barcelona

This limited and numbered edition capsule draws inspiration from the intricate shapes and textures of Casa Batlló. Featuring over eight vibrant colors, it captures the most iconic elements of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí's masterpiece. The Casa Batlló x Etnia Barcelona collection is a deep dive into the Gaudinian universe, celebrating the grandeur and artistic brilliance of Casa Batlló. In this collaboration, Etnia Barcelona pays tribute to the artistic movement that has shaped Barcelona's unique personality, inviting us to explore this fantastical, nature-inspired world.

Ethnia Barcelona sunglasses
Ethnia Barcelona limited edition

Exclusive Ethnia Barcelona's Capsule Collection

Every detail of Casa Batlló is meticulously reflected in this limited-edition sunglasses collection: the oval front mirrors the elegant balconies, the scaly temples mimic the iconic roof, the temple tips are inspired by the distinctive door-knobs, gold-plated accents add a touch of luxury to the frame, and the vibrant color palette captures Gaudí's bold use of color. The capsule includes eight unique and numbered designs, each featuring the most iconic symbols of Gaudí’s work, ensuring that each piece is a work of art in its own right.

Ethnia Barcelona exclusive packaging
Ethnia Barcelona eyewear box

Ethnia Barcelona x Casa Batlló exclusive packaging

The exclusive packaging, designed by Etnia Barcelona, encapsulates the essence of Gaudí, transporting us to one of Modernism's most fascinating buildings. These limited-edition sunglasses also draw from the latest fashion trends, featuring vibrant, oversized designs with a bold, exuberant front. Casa Batlló x Etnia Barcelona stands out as the most exclusive and creative piece in contemporary fashion.

Etnia Barcelona's commitment to innovation is evident in this collection, where they have seamlessly blended modern trends with historical artistry. By honoring Modernism, the Barcelona eyewear brand continues to advance its dedication to art, quality, and color. This collection not only serves as a tribute to Gaudí’s genius but also solidifies Etnia Barcelona’s position as a leader in the eyewear industry, offering pieces that are both timeless and cutting-edge.

About Ethnia Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona emerged as an independent eyewear brand in 2001. Every collection is meticulously developed by the brand's in-house design team, which oversees the entire creative process. Etnia Barcelona is renowned for its vibrant use of colour in each design, making it the brand with the most extensive colour palette in the eyewear sector. All glasses are crafted from the highest quality natural materials, such as Mazzucchelli acetates and HD mineral lenses. Today, Etnia Barcelona is present in over 50 countries with more than 15,000 points of sale worldwide

Operating from its headquarters in Barcelona, the brand also has subsidiaries in Miami, Vancouver, and Hong Kong. Etnia Barcelona encourages self-expression through design, embracing color, art, and culture. Above all, it is a brand deeply connected to the city where it was born and has flourished. Whether it's the bold, oversized frames of their sunglasses or the sleek, sophisticated lines of their eyeglasses, Etnia Barcelona offers styles that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. With a global presence and a commitment to innovation, Etnia Barcelona continues to set trends and inspire fashion-forward individuals worldwide.

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