Enjoy Your Summer with Hypnotic SUN STRIPES Glasses from Anne & Valentin


Born from a wild desire to create a really special and unique eyewear, the Anne & Valentin brand is fueled by the highest quality standards and the creators’ love for each and every piece. The company has no “manufacturing facility;” they have a “creative studio,” a place where His Majesty Design plays a central role. Art, in its many forms and shapes – fashion, architecture, cinema, photography, plastic arts, everything is a source of inspiration to the Anne & Valentin creative flow.

For summer 2021, the renowned French brand unveils the SUN STRIPES CONCEPT, a collection of two bright sunglasses, the VEDETTE and VOGUE, inspired by the magical sun rays shining on the horizon. Both frames feature a bespoke retro design that evokes memories of summer holidays by the sea, the buoyant parasols, resort wooden palisades, retro beach cabins… The beautiful symmetries of these glasses catch the eye, and the vertical lines remind us of tall trees growing next to the water under the blue sky. The thickness of the material exists in all lightness, and the models borrow from the spirit of glass pastes.

VEDETTE Sunglasses in 20A01 – Sun Stripes Collection 

VEDETTE in 20A04 in Optical and Sunglass Designs 

The VEDETTE, a round winged frame, is exuberant, feline and sexy. In spite of bold, broad handles, the silhouette is feminine and flattering. These sunglasses will upgrade any outfit, from white T-shirt tucked into jeans to an elegant sundress. The model is offered in four color combinations, which are vital and solar.  

VOGUE Sunglasses in 20A01 – Sun Stripes Collection

VOGUE Glasses in 20A02 

The VOGUE is an oversized round frame, inspired by the Sixties. If you want to make your dress twirl, like those first models from Courrèges, and turn heads wherever you go, this wildly retro frame by Anne & Valentin is created for you! Visit EuroOptica to choose the sunglasses that best fit your character and style! Sexy feline VEDETTE or wildly expressive VOGUE? Or maybe both of them?