Enjoy the Winter Sun with Stylish Oliver Goldsmith Sunnies

Oliver Goldsmith Sunnies

Well-known for his dedication to quality and excellence, Oliver Goldsmith offers his perfect Winter Sun Collection that includes the most popular styles, such as the Lord, OOPS, YNot, Yatton, and Gopas. The frames are offered in more compact sizes, which makes them more comfortable for indoor and winter use. Each pair of glasses features softly-colored lenses from Honey and Sweet Brown to Champagne and Gingerbread, Shadow and Cherry.


This is the second Winter Sun Collection created by Oliver Goldsmith. The first one was unveiled in 1969 and included frames with lightly tinted sun lenses, called ‘cosmetic lenses’. The present collection is based on the same concept but updated with a modern touch. Just as the predecessors, the glasses come with slightly tinted lenses, but with a top-quality, optically correct glaze. They are just perfect for walking through grey days, enjoying a warm winter sun, hiding hangovers or simply for a touch of camouflage.


The OG Winter Sun Collection is handcrafted in Italy by skilled craftsman utilizing the highest-grade cotton acetate and top-quality UVA/UVB sun lenses. To ensure 100% UV blockage, the manufacturer uses CR39, which is similar to polycarbonate that filters 100% of harmful UV light. These stunning sunglasses are guaranteed to relax your eyes by removing the brightness of interior lights or the suns glare on a bright winter’s day.