Blackfin One SS24 Titanium Eyewear Collection: The Pinnacle of Color Innovation

Blackfin One SS24 Collection

Who says style has to sacrifice comfort? Not Blackfin. It's all about blending style and innovation to create eyewear that's as cool as it is functional and comfortable. Blackfin frames are designed for all-day wear so you can look and feel your best no matter where your day takes you. 

Blackfin One eyewear collection

Blackfin isn't just about eyewear; it's about creating experiences. Each frame is meticulously crafted to reflect a unique story, blending artistry with functionality in every detail. With a focus on quality and cutting-edge technology, Blackfin is your go-to for standout frames that make a statement.

Experience the essence of Blackfin at EuroOptica, NYC. We are proud to present the captivating world of Blackfin eyewear, now available in the heart of Manhattan, New York. As a certified retailer of high-end designer eyewear brands, EuroOptica brings you the epitome of luxury and sophistication with the exclusive Blackfin One Spring/Summer 2024 collection, which is bursting with color. Color that illuminates the new optical frames in the Blackfin One line, the line most closely identified with and representative of the brand's DNA.

Blackfin One S/S 2024 Collection

Crafted with precision and passion, Blackfin One frames are the epitome of Italian craftsmanship. These exquisite pieces are born in the sustainable Black Shelter headquarters, where every detail is meticulously crafted by expert hands. Working closely with color specialists, the Blackfin design team brings to life timeless shapes infused with personalized hues, each one a testament to creative excellence (the coloring process is entirely handmade).

Blackfin One S/S 2024 Collection

Blackfin One S/S 2024 Collection

At the heart of the Blackfin One S/S 2024 collection is a dedication to pushing the boundaries of titanium craftsmanship. The brand's artisans skillfully manipulate this exceptional material, transforming a single block of titanium into a sleek, sophisticated frame that exudes elegance and sophistication. Hypoallergenic, ultra-lightweight and durable, these glasses feature ultra-flexible 0.5mm Beta Titanium temples for unparalleled comfort and fit. From bold statements to understated classics, each frame tells a unique story and captures the essence of individual style and personality. 

The Highlights of the Latest Blackfin One S/S 2024 collection

Experience design innovation with Blackfin's Fiji, Samoa and Palau frames - a true testament to the brand's expertise in pushing boundaries. These styles showcase a revolutionary approach to color and design made possible by Blackfin's mastery of titanium. Using an innovative dual-layer process, each frame features a mesmerizing geometric camouflage effect on the front, accentuated by bold contrasting colors. The Lewis model features a classic mid-range frame and vibrant color options, including a distinctive dark blue antiqued effect.

Blackfin One S/S 2024 collection
Blackfin One S/S 2024 collection

Fiji from the Blackfin One Collection

Samoa from the Blackfin One Collection

The new Blackfin One collection is the pinnacle of color innovation - a testament to the tireless efforts of the R&D team. From gradients to metallics, matte to antique, and even multicolor options, the Blackfin One collection offers a spectrum of color possibilities never before seen in titanium frames. Each shade is carefully selected to accentuate the graphic aspect of the frames, ensuring that each pair is a masterpiece of color and design.

Blackfin One S/S 2024 collection
Blackfin One S/S 2024 collection

Lewis from the Blackfin One Collection

Palau from the Blackfin One Collection

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