Brighten Up Your Day with a Pair of Mesmerizing KIRK&KIRK Glasses

Kirk&Kirk Penelope Frame

Innovators. Originators. Dopamine creators. KIRK&KIRK is a one-of-a-kind eyewear brand that creates distinctive glasses for self-confident individuals who don’t follow labels and enjoy having the opportunity to express their true selves. The bold and colorful frames are appreciated by celebrities all over the world and are ever-present on the red carpet. Robert Downey Jnr, Chris Sullivan, Young Thug and Richard Ayoade are among the KIRK&KIRK fans.

Robert Downey in Kirk&Kirk Percy Glasses
Prue Leith Wearing Kirk-n-Kirk Victor Frame

Robert Downey Jnr Wearing KIRK&KIRK Percy Frame in col. Jade 

The Great British Bake Off judge Prue Leith Wearing KIRK&KIRK Vicor Frame in col. Ocean

Despite a bold and chunky look, KIRK&KIRK frames weight next to nothing and are extremely comfortable to wear. Masterfully crafted from the custom 8mm or 10mm acrylic, the glasses are super lightweight pieces of art offered in a unique color palette. Using a variety of thickness and color combinations, KIRK&KIRK perfectly demonstrates the unique aesthetic and sensitivity of this fascinating material. Once the sun hits these frames, they look like stunning pieces of glass.

KIRK&KIRK is the first eyewear brand to combine the two-toned color pattern. Designed to spice up the gray winter weather with head-turning shades, the unique palette includes everything from a sensual mix of red and pink (col. Passion), a soft gray/black combination (col. Secret), a mouth-watering blend of orange and yellow (col. Citrus), to a subtle, romantic combination of blue and violet acrylic (col. Blue Moon) and everything that is in between.

Kirk&Kirk Color Palette

KIRK&KIRK's Unique Color Palette

Another groundbreaking feature that makes KIRK&KIRK glasses stand out from the rest is the innovative German five-barreled hinge design that amplifies the strength of the frame’s construction. There is no reinforcing wire in the temples; the frame holds its shape and stays comfortable forever. Also, every pair of spectacles comes with integrated nose pads that cushion and help in the even distribution of weight across the bridge. When it comes to shapes, the strongest and boldest silhouettes are invariably the best-sellers. Let’s mention the most breathtaking optical frames filled with provocative features and paradoxes.


Kirk&Kirk Thor Glasses
Kirk&Kirk Thor Frame

Thor Glasses in col. Passion

Thor Glasses in col. Meadow

In the contemporary world of uncertainty, we need confidence and power. We need a hero – so meet the Thor frame, the protector, skillful concentration of strength and durability. Handcrafted in France from the unique 10 mm Italian acrylic, this frame is completely different to anything else that is out there right now and yet it is so easy to wear. There is a hint of retro in here, a nod to the 80’s. The THOR got industry recognition and won Men’s Frame of the Year at the Love Eyewear Awards 2022, the UK’s largest optical award.


KIRK&KIRK Electra Glasses
KIRK&KIRK Electra Frame

Electra Frame in col. Citrus

Electra Frame in col. Passion

If you’re striving for grace and elegance, the ELECTRA is the frame you need! These bold yet sensual eyeglasses are just perfect to express your bright personality. It’s a whisper shared in a crowded room, an emotion imparted with a glance, no words necessary. You will love all the flattering angles and sculpted quality of this beautiful cat eye silhouette.

The Penelope

KIRK&KIRK Penelope Glasses
Kirk&Kirk Penelope Frame

The Penelope Frame in col. Chilli

The Penelope Frame in col. Purple

This bold frame is the embodiment of power, purest energy and passion. The ultra-modern silhouette features a thick frame with an edgy, hexagonal lens shape, which brings a whole new dimension to these glasses. Beautifully balanced and hand-crafted in one factory in France from start to finish, the frame provides quality and a perfect fit. It is the hurricane, harnessing the forces of nature.

The Horace
Kirk&Kirk Horace Frame
Kirk&Kirk Horace Glasses

The Horace Frame in col. Prince

The Horace Frame in col. Matte Royal

Spicy, extremely hot and bold… the HORACE frame is an epitome of success and spirituality. Designed for modern movers and shakers, these spectacles represent the future, while staying present in the present. The double-bridge frame is offered in an amazing color range, including the special Centena and Matte Centena colors to complement any look. Feel like a big boss while wearing the HORACE from KIRK&KIRK.

Every pair of KIRK&KIRK spectacles is made to the highest optical standards, and can be fitted with prescription or sunglass lenses. The intensity of the crystal-clear colors of these frames illuminates the wearer’s face everywhere they go. So, if you’re ready for glasses that bring joy and make you grinning all day long, visit EuroOptica, an authorized distributor of one-of-a-kind KIRK&KIRK glasses in Manhattan, New York. Our professional staff will be happy to help you choose your perfect dopamine frame!