Brand-New Retro Sunglasses from MYKITA STUDIO

Mykita Studio 13 Sunglasses

Simple, functional with an idiosyncratic look – each pair of MYKITA glasses comes from an honest and uncompromising approach to construction and materials. Every new season, the renowned German brand presents ultra-stylish eyewear pieces – vibrant, colorful compositions that are destined to become trends. This time, MYKITA launches a collection of vintage sunglasses interpreted for now and here. The MYKITA STUDIO 13 design series includes oversized bold frames that bring a high-contrast graphic mood for a cool gaze. 

MYKITA STUDIO 13 Design Series – Discover the Full Collection HERE

MYKITA STUDIO is the eponymously named eyewear line that represents high-fashion concepts – a perfect combination of an artful design and uncompromising functionality. Inspired by cool Sixties aesthetic, the STUDIO 13 series offers brand-new retro shades reinvented in a novel material mix: the MYKITA’s proprietary high-tech MYLON material, which is the main ingredient of these high-volume sunglasses, is beautifully paired with premium-quality acetate, which is used for the slim rims around the lenses. Crafted utilizing 3D printing technology, the STUDIO 13.1 and STUDIO 13.2 are ultra-lightweight, durable frames with beautiful texture and color composition.


STUDIO 13.1 in Pitch Black/Sand 

STUDIO 13.1 in Pitch Black/Black Havana 

STUDIO 13.1 in Slate Grey/Champagne 

The rounded square silhouette of STUDIO13.1 with its standout unisex appeal is quite possibly the coolest shades of the SS22 season. Made of matt MYLON with glossy acetate rims, the sunglasses add a dose of understated glamor to the wearer’s look. Distinguished by its refined surface and deep, even coloring, the MYLON material is an award-winning innovation from the MYKITA Modern Manufactory. Extremely light sunglasses feature the Hydrophobic nano coating that causes drops of water to bead up and roll off for a consistently clear view and a quick, easy clean. 


STUDIO 13.2 in Pitch Black/Black Havana 

STUDIO 13.2 in Pitch Black/Zanzibar 

Exceptionally stylish, light and durable, the STUDIO 13.2 MYLON frame is a beautiful and functional companion for the new season. Handcrafted in Berlin, the ultra-feminine square shaped sunglass frame features the patented screwless hinge system that is an incidental styling element and a hallmark of MYKITA frames. The high-volume retro silhouette of 13.2 creates a dynamic, vintage look that cannot be ignored. Each pair of glasses comes with tinted sun lenses with 100% protection against UVA/UVB rays and an anti-reflective inner coating. 

What would be your pick? Rounded square or square butterfly sunglasses? Discover our full collection of MYKITA shapes and styles and find your sunglasses identity for the new season. Welcome to EuroOptica, the authorized distributor of stunning MYKITA eyewear in Manhattan, New York.