Bold New Frames from MYKITA X BERNHARD WILLHELM Collaboration

Bold New Frames from MYKITA X BERNHARD WILLHELM Collaboration

For the past decade, the German innovative eyewear brand MYKITA has become one of the most sought-after and internationally successful manufacturers of high-end optical frames and sunglasses. By combining the latest technologies and precision craftsmanship, MYKITA creates ground-breaking, powerful eyewear that is a combination of timeless shapes, sophisticated colors, and contemporary styling. 

Deep in Raw Umber/Shiny Silver​​
Focus in Chantilly White/Turquoise​​

Mykita X BernHard Willhelm Collaboration – S/S 2021 Edition

In 2009, MYKITA teamed up with Bernhard Willhelm, the avant-garde fashion designer known for mixing street and sportswear with the elements of pure fantasy. The collaboration has brought to life a range of chic and whimsical eyewear pieces. By combining innovative manufacturing techniques and unfiltered imagination, the designers create authentic spectacles in their own unique and contemporary way. From bold sun visor glasses to timeless aviators with colored gradient lenses to square-shaped stainless steel frames, all models blend cutting-edge designs and cues from the world of modern culture. 

Focus Sunglasses in Black/Chantilly White

Next up from this creative collaboration is a collection of showy sunglasses with sculptural silhouettes and airbrush gradients. The concept includes four frames, the SUPER, TOTAL, LOST and NEW that feature a lightweight stainless steel construction, slim-line front, and a hand lacquered airbrush surface. Fresh arrivals, named the DEEP and the FOCUS, feature thicker rims all around the lens and are offered in new bold colors, such as Chantilly White/Turquoise and Black/Sand. The new frames are eye-catching, funny, sexy, and weird at the same time. 

Deep Sunglasses in Indigo/Neon Blue

So, if you’re in need of a one-of-a-kind sunglass style for the upcoming summer months, choose one of these unisex shades that are guaranteed to command attention all season long. To try these and other dazzling MYKITA glasses on, visit our optical store at 280 Columbus Ave, New York.