Bocca Cocto - Graphically Cut Glasses from FACE À FACE

Face A Face Titanium Cut Frames

FACE À FACE is famous for its creative eyewear designs inspired by modern architecture and art. The renowned French manufacturer masterfully plays with materials, volumes, and tones to add individual style to the wearer with an excellent pair of glasses. The best artisans research the relationship between colors, contrast and light, to produce stunning spectacles and sunglasses recognizable by millions of people worldwide.

Traditionally, the latest FACE À FACE SS 2022 eyewear collection is full of artistic flair and bold colors. For this new range, the company’s most talented designers continue their poetic exploration into the world of light and color. From outer space these designs are on a collision course with a new planet of aesthetics!

Bocca Cocto 2 Frame – FACE A FACE SS 2022 Collection 

The Bocca Cocto 2, the fresh addition to the FACE À FACE’s Bocca collection is the outcome of a creative bet. Incredible mix of colors, masterfully blended materials, one-of-a-kind design…the Bocca Cocto frame has it all! Inspired by the drawings of Jean Cocteau, the celebrated French artist, the model is a perfect mix of figurative and abstract. It is a sophisticated titanium frame with acetate temples that mixes colors in an incredible way. 

Face A Face Bocca Titanium Frame with Iconic Bocca Shoe

Bocca Cocto 2 in col. 0017

A large rounded hexagonal silhouette expresses its uniqueness with the cutaway corner of the eye detail. To add some refined geometry, the Bocca Cocto 2 glasses are graphically cut with a cross, its intersection highlighted by milled lines. Here’s a figurative Bocca shoe on the temples of the frames, dancing happily with all curves and lightness. The frame also features a free and yet structured brow bar.

Bocca Cocto Titanium Frame with Acetate Arms

The frame is a subtle piece of architecture that has an artistic temperament and expresses itself through a unique color range: metallic glacial blue paired with russet ochre and caramel arms ending in an exquisite mint shoe (col.TM01). Whilst fifties pink and aniseed yellow twirl under midnight blue arms (col.9754). Like a flash of light that memorizes the eye, these eye-catching glasses both dazzle and charm all who gaze.

Unique Color Range of Bocca Cocto 2

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