Balenciaga Introduces the LED Frame from the Upcoming Summer 2020 Eyewear Collection

Balenciaga Eyewear

That’s a really bright novelty which makes our inner child tread on air.

Do you like your childhood memories? Can you remember the admiring glances that accompanied you when lights on your sneakers lighted up? Or maybe you were exactly that little child who dreamed to have such magnificent lights but you had not?

Balenciaga has cared about you. It launches the futuristically looking bold frame of rectangular shape in gloss black finishing with arms containing a lightweight LED system that illuminates the Balenciaga logo. Be ready to feel a fountain of emotions from pure joy to pleasant pride when you take on a pair of cool sunglasses with the flashing lights.

The logo on the arms lights up in blue, red, green, purple, yellow, and white. The sunglasses are programmed so the letters of the logo be faded from one color to another in between the colors listed above. By your choice letters can blink or stay in one static color. They light up when the arms are fully extended and controllable with a tap sensor so that you can turn off the logo tapping three times on sensor or closing the arms. Lights also will turn off if to place glasses upside-down on a surface for over five seconds. The internal battery is easily chargeable with a standard USB cable. And it is even more easily to stand out on parties and rock concerts with this joyful accessory.

Are you ready to rock next summer with the coolest Balenciaga sunglasses? Light up your lights and get some favorable attention when you need it.