Artistic Eyewear from Anne-Et-Valentin: Surprising Lines and Avant-Garde Volumes

Anne Et Valentin Eyewear 2022

For Anne&Valentin, design and quality have always played a central role in creating their unique eyewear pieces. The renowned French brand knows for sure how to combine volumes and lines, materials and shapes, in order to get a pair of spectacles that will make you look outstanding. For nearly 40 years, the company has been driven by three simple instincts: creativity, curiosity, and visual art. Today, Anne&Valentin sunglasses and optical frames brings to life extraordinary, synonymous with high quality and impeccable style. We, at EuroOptica, are proud to be an authorized distributor of the state-of-the-art Anne&Valentin glasses in Manhattan, New York. Here, we’ve collected the newest and the hottest frames from the celebrated eyewear brand.

Concept TOTEM

The cutting-edge design of the TOTEM concept expresses a straightforward graphic style that is anything but retro. The collection includes aesthetically playful optical frames with subtle, highly drawn shapes. Crafted from premium-quality titanium in Japan, these sophisticated frames are as lightweight as they are durable.

HANIA – Gentle and Youthful

HANIA 21A39 – Concept TOTEM 

Inspired by the pop culture of the 60s, when music festivals were big and the Hippie scene took off, the HANIA screams minimalism and freedom. The eyeglasses feature a slightly bubbly round panto silhouette with wiry arms wrapping around cosmic, playful hinges. On the arms, like little spools with striped patterns, the unique ornaments are like hair accessories, jewels.

HANSKA – Geometrical and Friendly


HANSKA 21A40 – Concept TOTEM 

Inspired by the Memphis group’s work on color and shape, the HANSKA provides a cosmic and chic look. The “made in japan” titanium frame has an oversized hexagon shape, softened by rounded corners, that fits most faces and opens the eyes effortlessly. The arms are embellished with beautiful details, such as playful ornaments and the spatulas, which greatly contribute to the delicacy of the whole frame. 

HALONA – Radical and Energetic


HALONA 21A40 – Concept TOTEM 

HALONA, as all other frames from the TOTEM collection, is made of titanium. Its bold butterfly silhouette perfectly fits small and medium faces. Drastic in its design, the HALONA has plunging lines that make it more cutting-edge fashion line than feline. Its taut ends support the features with energy, but its curves balance the frame for an optimistic expression. The wire bridge and wiry arms are sophisticated and streamlined. 

Concept SUNFICTION – Limited Edition Sunglasses

Inspired by science-fiction imagery, robotics, Blade Runner, Dune, and even Moebius, the SUNFICTION frames are ultra-graphic and sometimes radical pieces that pay tribute to those who invent the future. These sunglasses are crafted of stainless steel, then chemically cut and reworked by laser. Acetate circles are then integrated. The result is retro-futuristic frames with very sharp and straight angles. Let’s discover the SUNFICTION series closer.

SOLARTREK – Radiant and Optimistic


If you plan someday to venture out and explore the solar system, the SOLARTREK will be your best companion. From sunglasses to optical, this pilot frame features a strong character that adds an avant-garde touch to any look. The frame seems to be inscribed in a circle that has been segmented for added graphic intention. Impressive, witty, scintillating, the SOLARTREK is insatiable and unstoppable. 

STEAMPUNK – Chic and Sophisticated

Anne Valentin Geometric Rectangular Sunglasses





Inspired by British and post-punk humor, the STEAMPUNK are expressive, flirting sunglasses. The shades feature a rectangle shape with sharp angles, slants, and graphic double-bridge. The pronounced eyebrows add boldness and confidence. Perfect sunglasses for your next interstellar journey. 

STARTROOPER – Eccentric and Fashionable



If you’re a fan of the Star Wars movies, the STARTROOPER sunglasses are just perfect for you. Two triangles that look like two insect wings create a rectangle with perfectly mastered lines. Objects of excess par excellence, the STARTROOPER comes in Black, White and Gold, for a graphic and direct aesthetic. So chic and somewhat crazy shades are an ideal solution for those who are going to leave on a mission and never return. 

Designed for self-confident, sophisticated, and free-spirited people, Anne&Valentin glasses reflect the paradox of spontaneity skillfully combined with painstaking design. We, at EuroOptica are proud to be an authorized distributor of unique Anne&Valentin eyewear in New York. Visit our optical store at 280 Columbus Ave to look through our impressive collection of designer sunglasses and optical frames.