Andy Wolf Makes a Difference with its Sustainable Eyewear Collection

Andy Wolf Optical Frames

For over 15 years, an Austrian eyewear brand ANDY WOLF has taken responsibility for keeping their customers happy and the nature – clean. Sustainability has always been one of the company’s most crucial pillars. For the past 2 years, there has also been an internal project group searching for modern, sustainable alternatives in every direction. All tasks are only approved when they have been scrupulously researched and evaluated to guarantee that they really are a more sustainable, i.e. better, alternative.

In 2022, ANDY WOLF is launching an innovative concept “GROW WITH US,” which is dedicated to protect the environment and strengthen local bonds. For every ANDY WOLF frame sold, the company re-cultivates one square meter of wildflower meadow in Austria. That way, the renowned eyewear brand invests into a greener and more sustainable future.

Every pair of ANDY WOLF eyewear is unique, since it is purely handmade. The whole creative team drafts, designs, manufactures and assembles with passion until each pair of glasses is perfect – in terms of its style, material and fit. Our incredible selection of ANDY WOLF optical frames has a unique eyewear design for every character. Here, we’ve collected several most popular prescription frames from the world famous eyewear brand.

ANDY WOLF Frame 4778 – Perfection in Shape

Andy Wolf Rectangular Metal Frame 4778 Grow with Us Campaign

New metal frame 4778 in col.3 (Rosegold/Brown) 

4778 in col.2 (Green/Gold) and col.4 (Rosegold/Beige) 

4778 in col.3 (Rosegold/Brown) 

The striking beauty of these rectangular glasses makes everybody turn their heads. The sophisticated metal frame features an ultra-thin front offered in a variety of delicate colors. Painted-by-hand spectacles are the real works of art. 

ANDY WOLF Frame 4777 – Feminine Geometric Style

Andy Wolf Geometric Metal Frame 4777 Grow with Us Campaign

New metal frame 4777 in col.3 (Rosegold/Blue) 

4777 in col.5 (Gold) and col.4 (Rosegold/Beige) 

4777 in col.3 (Rosegold/Blue) 

Meet the new geometric shape from ANDY WOLF – an elegant feminine frame with fine lines. Each pair of 4777 glasses is handmade in France from the premium-grade metal and painted by hand in beautiful colors, from matte rose to light blue. 

ANDY WOLF Frame 5067 – Modern Panto Frame

Andy Wolf Panto Acetate Frame 5067 Grow with Us Campaign

New acetate frame 5067 in col.33 (Chocolate Brown)  

Acetate Panto Eyeglaasses in Brown Gradient

4777 in col.35 (Light Brown Havana), col.36 (Red-Brown), col.33 (Chocolate Brown) 

The new 5067 glasses are all about the new thought-out color concept! The classic acetate panto frame is offered in an array of modern colorways, including a triple nude layer, chocolate brown and light brown Havana gradients. Perfect glasses for fashion-forward persons.   

If you wish to join the “Grow with Us” Campaign and take a small step that leads to a greater (and greener) future, visit our optical store at 280 Columbus Ave (corner of W 73rd St), New York, and choose a pair of premium-quality ANDY WOLF glasses. We, at EuroOptica, are very glad to be an authorized distributor of outstanding ANDY WOLF eyewear in Manhattan and offer you the latest collections of sophisticated optical frames and eye-catching sunglasses.