Andy Wolf Launches the New Heights Collection – Ideal Glasses for this Fall

Andy Wolf New Heights Collection 2022

Characterized by passion and dedication, the Austrian eyewear brand Andy Wolf creates unique handcrafted glasses that feature bold shapes and exquisite details. By pushing themselves to new heights, exploring further boundaries and rediscovering nuances, the creative team of Andy Wolf offers the innovative "New Heights" Eyewear Collection that impresses with modern silhouettes and exclusive colors.

Andy Wolf New Heights Eyewear Collection
Andy Wolf 2022 New Heights Eyewear Collection

Andy Wolf "New Heights" Eyewear Collection

The new Andy Wolf frames are fresh and distinctive, and are offered in a vivid color palette that contains 50 shades of rose, pink and purple. One big trend that is coming back this fall are solid hues! The manufacturer experimented with abstract, sometimes futuristic silhouettes, bold eco-acetate and premium-grade metal to create flattering and sophisticated sunglasses and optical frames. Get ready to be excited with detailed facettes and outgoing colors!

Created with love for details, every pair of New Heights glasses gives a refined, high-quality, and independent look. The clear design language results in simple and elegant shapes, from classic panto and square frames to ultra-modern flattering aviator and cat-eye silhouettes. Each pair demonstrates the perfect interplay between shape, color and pattern, which never appear obtrusive or aggressive. It’s time to discover the hottest optical frames from the Andy Wolf New Heights collection.


Andy Wolf 4789 Metal Eyeglasses

4789 in col.3 (Gold-Brown)

4789 in col.5 (Gun-Blue)

The new 4789 eyeglasses by Andy Wolf fuse vintage elegance with a modern touch. To create this flattering panto frame, the designers played with dimensions and colors. Sleek metal glasses are just perfect for those people who appreciate sophisticated and elegant eyewear. The extremely lightweight construction makes this model an ideal daily companion.


Andy Wolf 4786 Geometric Frame
Andy Wolf 4786 Metal Geometric Frame

4786 in col.6 (Rosegold-Blue)

4786 in col.3 (Rosegold-Grey)

This ultra-feminine, oversized vintage frame has a special feature: the temples are set at the bottom and swing upwards in a well-formed way, creating a charming, floating look. Beautiful filigree engravings around the rim add sophistication and grace. The 4786 is the perfect frame for elegant women who like to stand out while remaining sober.

Andy Wolf 5128 Eyeglasses
Andy Wolf New Heights 5128 Eyeglasses

5128 in col.1(Black-Gold), col.3(Orange-Gold), and col.5(Rosegold-Violet)

5128 in col.4(Blue-Rosegold)

Featuring a shingle shape (compound shape of semicircle and rectangle), the 5128 is a real eye-catcher. The new frame boasts the innovative endpiece & hinge solution, which forms a completely simple and elegant finish to the front. Instead of classic metal temples, delicate acetate sleeves. Take a closer look at the new sculpted front facete on the acetate in bold colors combined with the contrasting metal galvanic color tone.

4613 and 4785

Andy Wolf 4613 Acetate Frames
Andy Wolf 4785 eyeglasses

4613 in col.5 (Brown-Yellow) and col.3 (Blue)

4785 in col.6 (Colorful-Gold)

The new 4613 optical style by Andy Wolf is a modernized take on a retro aviator design. The bold frame features elevated details and is offered in vivid colors. Simple yet distinctive silhouette is created for confident and outgoing personalities. The 4785 is another jewel within the New Heights Collection. The vintage-inspired cat-eye silhouette exudes delicacy and elegance. Created by playing with angles and dimensions, this beautiful frame leaves a lasting impression. 

Andy Wolf 4780 Metal Frame
Andy Wolf 4780 Metal Frames

The masculine and sophisticated 4780 strikes with its refined and minimalistic metal construction and exquisite details. The 80s inspired aviator frame comes in classic gold (col.03) and silver (col.05) colors as well as elegant matte champagne (col.04). The new Andy Wolf eyeglasses perfectly combine vintage aesthetics with modern angular design to create statement eyewear. 

The color palette of the collection is just amazing: it varies for every taste from pure black to classic Havana frames, from ultra-stylish transparent nuances to vivid colors, such as the rosé gold/triple gradient pink blue, brown with yellow, green with gray gold, and other shades of green, browns, rose, pink and purple. Perfect colors to elevate your fall wardrobe!

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