Andy Wolf AWearness Collection – Sustainable Classic Eyewear

Andy Wolf Awearness Collection

For over 15 years, Andy Wolf has taken passion as something precious. It is passion that makes burning hearts to create unique eyewear designs and bring them to life. It is passion that takes skilled hands to make each new collection, to check it, to pack it and to ship it. It is passion that has driven dreamers like Andy and Wolfgang, who have carried the idea of AWearness inside them for a long time.

The new AWearness collection by Andy Wolf is homage to all people behind the brand’s name. The glasses are presented by the AWearness trio: the men who have been an integral part of the ANDY WOLF team. Each frame from the collection is carefully handcrafted in the brand’s manufactory in Austria from the sustainable bio acetate in 8 mm thickness. The exclusive material is stored naturally for at least 12 weeks before used for production of the glasses. As a result, the AW spectacles are dimensionally stable and extremely durable.

The AWearness Collection includes 5 optical frames that can be easily turned into sunglasses by means of special clip-ons. All models are based on the glasses from the very first ANDY WOLF collection: there is a square (AW01), round (AW02) and trapezoid (AW04) shape, as well as a panto silhouette (AW03) and a memorable XL frame (AW05). 

Timeless and stylish Andy Wolf eyeglasses feature millings at the end of the temples, which makes them extra ergonomic and comfortable. Facets on the front and temples, as well as the combination of thick and thin acetate, make each of the models an extravagant, three-dimensional companion.

AW01 – Perfect Square Frame for Confident People

Andy Wolf AW01
Andy Wolf AW01

The AW01 in Col. 05 (Beige/Gold) 

The AW01 with a Clip-On 

If you’re looking for a long-standing companion, the AW01 is just the ticket! A striking square shape and the interplay of metal details and acetate facets make these eyeglasses a distinctive statement piece. There is a matching Clip-On available for AW01, which skillfully transforms the frame into a modern pair of sunglasses. 

AW02 – Timeless Round Silhouette

Frame AW02 Col. 04 (Brown/Gold) 

Frame AW01 in Col. 10 (Red/Gold) 

The AW02 frame is designed for those who crave classic sophistication. The ideal round silhouette boasts perfect quality and fine metal details.  Channeling the courage and fervor of the ‘60s, these head-turning eyeglasses remain as stylish today as they did back then. Add a fashionable Clip-On in metal and you get nothing but a bold pair of shades. 

AW03 – Evergreen Panto Spectacles

Frame AW03 with a Sun-Clip 

Frame AW03 Col. 04 (Brown/Gold) 

The romantic panto shape will never go out of style! The AW03 has been perfected in every detail and facet to look outstanding and get tons of compliments. Now a contemporary classic, the AW03 panto frame will appeal to traditional and fashion-forward tastes alike. The model comes with a matching clip-on with ZEISS sun lenses that offer 100% UVA & UVB protection. 

AW04 – Distinctive Glasses for Intelligent People

Frame AW04 in Col. 04 (Brown/Gold) 

Frame AW04 Col. 01 (Black/Silver) with a Sun-Cip 

The new AW04 eyeglasses by ANDY WOLF are designed to skillfully underline the personality. Inspired by the very first brand’s frame, it is a little bolder, a little bigger, a little more daring. It features an elegant rectangular shape with sophisticated metal details and a matching Clip-On that transforms the frame into a striking pair of sunglasses. 

AW05 – Bold Men’s Frame in XL

The AW05 with a Sun-Clip 

This expressive pair of spectacles is just a perfect solution for big heads. Striking lines and a clear shape give this men’s frame in XL size its unmistakable character. The glasses scream self-confidence and intelligence. The unique design enables a modern transition from optical to sunglasses by means of a sophisticated sun-clip in metal.

In the construction, Andy Wolf completely avoided inseparable connections, as is usually the case with conventional acetate frames. All parts are screwed together separately and can be replaced quickly and without complications thanks to this kit system. After many years of wear, each pair of the AW spectacles can be disassembled into all its individual parts, i.e. sorted materials, which can be easily recycled. This is And Wolf all about: quality, responsibility, awareness. 

Each of the frames on its own has the right to make a statement. Every shape is distinct and classic at the same time and comes offered in ten selected colors that vary for every taste. Whether you like pure black and classic Havana tones or prefer modern transparent shades and more deep colors, the AW collection from Andy Wolf will have you covered! Each of the five models is available in every color variation, meaning shape and color are combined for every taste and style.

For each of the five AWearness spectacles there is a matching clip-on fitted with premium-grade ZEISS lenses which guarantee 100% UVA & UVB protection. The clip-on colors are as classic and sleek as the frames themselves, the metal always fits to the wire core color of the frame – for a perfect, harmonious AWearness look and feel. Available clip-on colors are a refined shiny gold with green lenses, dazzling shiny silver with gray lenses and an eye-catching matte gold with gray lenses.
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Look through the complete ANDY WOLF eyewear catalog featuring unmistakable sunglasses and optical frames for men and women. ANDY WOLF frames are available in a number of iconic styles to suit all face shapes and provide timeless looks. Welcome to EuroOptica, New York, and take a look at all the shapes available: square, round, rectangular, pilot, cat-eye and panto. We’re waiting for you at 280 Columbus Ave (corner of W 73rd St), at the very heart of Manhattan.

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