FACE A FACE, the renowned French eyewear brand, never disappoints with its one-of-a-kind and bold eyewear styles. In every new collection, it shows a mastery of mixing colors and dramatic shapes. Inspired by contemporary art and architecture, Pascal Jaulent (the art director of the brand) and his Paris design team have created a new colorful collection of sunglasses for the spring-summer season. Assembled by skilled craftsmen in France and Italy, the newfangled solar forms offer all the attributes the brand is known for: unique design, unsurpassed quality and technological excellence.

The latest eyewear styles from FACE A FACE are full of artistic flair and bold colors. The jewelry of the collection is the Flash, a feminine frame created through the dynamic play of color and transparency. Just looking at these sunglasses makes you want to have a couple of refreshing summer cocktails, feeling warm sun on your skin while sitting under the palm trees. Like a flash of light that memorizes the eye, these bright shades both dazzle and amaze all who gaze.

Always daring and Avant-Garde, FACE A FACE creates eyewear styles that feature a real character. The Flash is no exception. The frame is a subtle piece of architecture that has an artistic temperament and expresses itself through a unique color range: Ultra Blue Transparent, Brown Horn, Ecialle Acajou Blue, Peach Transparent and Black. Made from premium acetate, the frame features a durable yet lightweight construction paired with high-quality lenses with an anti-reflecting coating on the back side. Trendy and efficient, these sunglasses from FACE A FACE will reveal your individual personality and amaze with its striking modernity and boldness.