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Leading Manufacturer of High-End Eyeglass Lenses and Diagnostic Tools

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Deep knowledge in various fields of optics gained during 175 years of experience in research and innovation

Best optical technologies that take us into the future by helping to achieve tomorrow’s ambitions today

Uncompromised dedication to developing innovative solutions in order to go beyond customers' expectations

ZEISS is a worldwide leading technology enterprise that has been operating in the fields of optics and optoelectronics for more than 175 years. ZEISS vision care solutions contribute to world optics development and technological progress. With the company’s passion for excellence and innovation, it creates outstanding eyeglass lenses and diagnostic tools, which inspire the customers to see the world in a whole new way. We, at EuroOptica, are very proud to be an official representative of cutting-edge ZEISS Vision Care Products in Manhattan, New York.

Why ZEISS Lenses? Discover the difference!

ZEISS is the world’s leading manufacturer of precision optics that combines technical expertise and ground-breaking ideas into exceptional visual experiences. Innovation is part of the ZEISS strategy and is anchored in the corporate identity. That is why the company invests 11 percent of its revenue in research and development. ZEISS eyeglass lenses are highly innovative solutions that ensure all-day visual comfort for a connected and on-the-move lifestyle. By choosing ZEISS SmartLife Lenses, you will see clearly and stay sharp all day long. Wide fields of view across all distances and in all directions can improve your clarity of vision, no matter what your age or occupation. Explore the many ways ZEISS is leading the way towards better vision.

ZEISS Vision Care

Today, around 200 million people worldwide wear spectacle lenses from ZEISS. The brand’s product portfolio offers a wide variety of optical solutions, no matter what vision needs the patient may have. Prepare to be astounded by products that are much more than lenses!