Dry Eye Treatment

Dry Eye Syndrome Treatment – EuroOptica™ NYC

Eyes need tears to be well-lubricated, but sometimes, you may have watery or teary eyes, or even get unpleasant symptoms like itchiness, sandy feeling, or burning. If you rub your eyes constantly after sitting at the computer or in the morning, it can be a sign of dry eye syndrome. Many people suffer from it even without understanding it can harm the eye cornea without treatment. You shouldn’t ignore any discomfort like red, itchy, or sore eyes because it harms your eyes as well as limits your daily activities such as sports, driving, or reading.

Our optical store EuroOptica has the most qualified and experienced optometrists who can check your eyes’ health and realize if you have dry eye syndrome to provide the effective treatment to solve this annoying problem. Stop by one of our two boutiques in Manhattan, New York located on the Upper West Side (280 Columbus Ave) and Upper East Side (1249 3rd Ave) to examine your eyes, get precise results, and receive clear and understandable recommendations on improving the health of your eyes if you have dry eye syndrome. The team of our skilled eye doctors and consultants works like clockwork to solve the problems with dry eye and make the quality of your life better.

Dry Eye Causes

Our eyes generate tears constantly, but with age, the tear production can be decreased, and you may get all the signs of dry eye syndrome. If you take some meds and steroids, they may also cause symptoms of dry eyes. Some people with sensitive eyes may experience unpleasant symptoms when it’s too windy or if the climate is too dry, and their eyes aren’t nourished enough. Any type of activity that requires your eyes to be highly concentrated, for example, long driving or working at the computer for many hours, may cause dry and sore eyes.

Here are the main factors that cause dry eye syndrome:

  • Side effect from taking some medications
  • Contact lens wearing
  • Visual tasks that require your eyes to be tensed a lot
  • Windy or hot climate
  • Insufficient tear production
  • Smoking
  • Air-conditioning

Several medical problems can cause dry eye syndrome: lupus, hormonal changes, rheumatoid arthritis, vitamin A deficiency, thyroid disorder, diabetes, Sjögren’s syndrome, and blepharitis.

Our Advantages

Our professional optometrists have certain tests to detect and monitor dry eye syndrome. In general, at least every two years you should pass an eye exam, even if nothing disturbs you and you don’t have any problems with your eyes. Of course, if you experience any unpleasant symptoms like itchiness, irritation, red eyes, burning, or sandy feeling, you should visit an eye doctor immediately for further testing. Set an appointment right now to solve problems with dry eyes and improve the quality of your vision and life!

Here are the main procedures that can be provided by for a dry eye examination:

  • Lissamine and Fluorescein green drops for diagnosis
  • Analysis of symptoms and possible causes, both environmental and systemic
  • Examination of the external eye, eyelids, and conjunctiva using a slit lamp with various illuminations and magnifications.

Whether you have slight or serious symptoms, do not neglect it because your eyes’ health is quite an important thing, and dry eye is an uncomfortable and irritating condition you shouldn’t live with. EuroOptica’s optometrists have the latest technologies to effectively and quickly test and treat dry eye syndrome. Usually, treatments start with anti-inflammatory and medicated drops for eyes or a heated compress that provides relief to irritated and sore eyes.