Luxury Glasses & Prescription Eyewear in Manhattan, NY

People say that eyes are the window to the soul. Indeed, looking into a person’s eyes can tell you what they feel and think. That’s why our “windows” deserve the best frames! Today, the selection of eyeglasses can truly amaze in the uniqueness of design, materials and construction. The number of eyewear brands that provide excellent quality prescription glasses is growing exponentially, which means you have to really squint to find a perfect pair of spectacles to meet all your preferences and needs. So, here we are! EuroOptica have done it for you. We carry only top-rated eyewear brands that are dominating the global market: Lindberg, Barton Perreira, Face A Face, Henau, Kirk&Kirk, ic! berlin, Oliver Peoples, MYKITA, just to name a few.

Feeling confident about yourself comes from inside, when you know you look perfect or when your outer and inner selves are in sync. Details matter! So, if you want to feel great about yourself, you should begin by improving your physical image and how you present yourself to others. Our collection of designer glasses is so huge that everyone can find a pair they can identify with,regardless of age or taste. Whether you’re looking for classic and minimalist glasses or striving for playful and bold frames with head-turning details, we’ll have you covered. Stop by one of our two boutiques in Manhattan, New York located on the Upper West Side (280 Columbus Ave) and Upper East Side (1249 3rd Ave), where you can find the latest collections from the world-famous eyewear brands.

Beauty of Sophisticated Minimalism

Minimalist eyewear designs are always on trend, because they are excellent companions for any occasion. Featuring a clean and sophisticated look, they are often more visually appealing than bulky, oversized frames. By taking away the unnecessary, eyewear designers create simple yet beautiful designs. It's no surprise that when it comes to minimalist glasses, the Danish brand Lindberg comes out on top. It is an impeccable blend of innovative patented technologies, meticulous attention to every detail and a discreet, sleek design. Our Lindberg collection includes near-invisible rimless frames, feather-like titanium glasses, ultra-modern acetate spectacles, unique frames made of buffalo horn and wood, and more outstanding optical styles.

Another eyewear brand famous for its refined eyeglasses is Barton Perreira. Every facet, every curve and every angle of Barton Perreira optical frames is brought to life with virtuosity and precision. Everything in these handmade glasses is beautiful and looks awesome: from the adorned enamel overlay to intricate detailing. If you’re a fan of timeless looks, classic tones, and iconic designs, we recommend discovering Oliver Peoples, ProDesign Denmark and Andy Wolf eyewear. For a modern and sleek look, choose ic! berlin frames that are crafted from the highest-grade materials and feature a unique, screwless construction. Whatever the choice, you’re guaranteed to get nothing but premium-quality glasses that are crafted to perfection.

Trendy Eyecatchers

Nowadays, no accessory can better show your personality, facial features and sense of style than a pair of bold spectacles. Extravagant shapes and bright colors do make a difference! At EuroOptica, you’ll find everything from oversized geometric glasses to luxury spectacles embellished with crystals to one-of-a-kind, brightly colored frames. If you’re a fan of the latter type of eyewear, Wissing and l.a.Eyeworks are the brands to look to. Their breathtaking frame designs are real works of art appreciated for their bright, bold colors and unique shapes. More exclusive styles are offered by NAONED, Anne&Valentin, and Sabine Be, French eyewear brands that preserve the know-how of traditional craftsmanship while adding a modern twist of fun and playfulness.

Born in Belgium, THEO and Henau eyewear brands create trendy glasses that blend advanced optical functionality with modern and innovative design. Their unique frames are especially crafted for those who are not afraid of being individually noticed. If you like statement glasses with a bursting design, look no further than Kirk&Kirk and Etnia Barcelona brands, recognized for their exclusive color palettes and bold geometric silhouettes. These are not for the shy or feint-hearted; they are for rebellious, unique men and women who take control of their life and enjoy their freedom. With your happiness in mind, EuroOptica not only offers one-of-a-kind designer frames but also an unrivaled service from the day you get in touch. We haven’t seen you yet, but we already know which pair of glasses will become your favorite!

How to Choose

When you are going to pick up a new pair of glasses, you have many questions and concerns: the size, the shape, the style. Our experienced optical store consultants will help you in selecting a pair of eyewear to fit your vision needs, goals, and lifestyle. Visit EuroOptica to have a complete eye examination in order to find the best fitting eyeglasses/lenses or replace your current glasses if the vision correction is needed. We provide the highest quality service and implement the newest equipment, including Mr. Blue 2.0 from Essilor Instruments, the USA company that develops the latest technologies for eye care specialists worldwide. Also, we perform fast and high-quality eyewear repairs and adjustments, so you will get your renewed glasses as soon as possible.

In addition to providing the industry’s most comprehensive selection of designer frames, EuroOptica gives you an opportunity to get a frame of your choice fitted with any prescription. We offer a huge selection of lens options to meet any individual's lifestyle and preferences. Our range includes premium-quality Single Vision, Progressive, Bi-Focal, Digital, Polarized and Transitions® Lenses, just to name a few. To provide you with high-grade prescription lenses, we rely on the most reputable brands in the field, including ZEISS, Shamir, Essilor, Rodenstock, Varilux, and other renowned names. If you have any doubts on what type of lenses is best for you, our experienced opticians will help you choose eyewear that is custom-fit and filled to the exact requirements prescribed by your doctor for the optimal visual experience. EuroOptica is always happy to help with all your vision and lifestyle needs!