Naoned™ Eyewear

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      NaoNed® Men Ruz NAO Men Ruz 40GT 47 - Matte Bright Yellow / Transparent Grey Eyeglasses
      NaoNed® Men Ruz NAO Men Ruz 43B 47 - Matte Kakhi / Tortoiseshell Eyeglasses
      NaoNed® Men Ruz
      NaoNed® Heol 195 NAO Heol 195 195.1 49 - Black Sunglasses
      NaoNed® Heol 195 NAO Heol 195 195.5 49 - Crystal Grey Sunglasses
      NaoNed® Heol 195
      NaoNed® Leoz NAO Leoz 23GE 44 - Solid Pewter Grey / Bright Yellow Eyeglasses
      NaoNed® Leoz NAO Leoz 42C 44 - Horn / Rust Orange Eyeglasses
      NaoNed® Leoz
      NaoNed® Jad NAO Jad BC1 50 - Blue and Lemon / Cristal Lemon Sunglasses
      NaoNed® Jad NAO Jad GO2 50 - Grenadine and Orange / Opalin Orange Sunglasses
      NaoNed® Jad
      NaoNed® Drenneg NAO Drenneg 22BG 49 - Blue Grey / Light Grey Eyeglasses
      NaoNed® Drenneg NAO Drenneg 48OV 49 - Vintage Orange / Matte Dark Earth Brown Eyeglasses
      NaoNed® Drenneg
      NaoNed® Ruzvean NAO Ruzvean GO2 52 - Grenadine and Orange / Opalin Orange Sunglasses
      NaoNed® Ruzvean NAO Ruzvean KB2 52 - Kakhi and Beige / Opalin Beige Sunglasses
      NaoNed® Ruzvean
      NaoNed® Guesclin NAO Guesclin 70M 51 - Transparent Brown / Neon Dark Blue Eyeglasses
      NaoNed® Guesclin NAO Guesclin 71V 51 - Transparent Green / Peacock Blue Eyeglasses
      NaoNed® Guesclin
      NaoNed® Greunvaen NAO Greunvaen AB3 50 - Army Green and Burgundy / Opaque Burgundy Sunglasses
      NaoNed® Greunvaen NAO Greunvaen BT1 50 - Blue and Cristal / Cristal Sunglasses
      NaoNed® Greunvaen
      NaoNed® Gilheg NAO Gilheg 44001 47 - Mediterranean Blue and Grey Eyebrow / Matte Light Grey Eyeglasses
      NaoNed® Gilheg NAO Gilheg 46004 47 - Transparent Brown and Red Eyeborw / Matte Dark Red Eyeglasses
      NaoNed® Gilheg
      NaoNed® Heol 191 NAO Heol 191 191.4 48 - Black / Light Grey Sunglasses
      NaoNed® Heol 191
      NaoNed® Fogeo NAO Fogeo 74M 47 - Transparent Brown / Hocco Violet Eyeglasses
      NaoNed® Fogeo NAO Fogeo 76U 47 - Brown / Vespa Blue Eyeglasses
      NaoNed® Fogeo
      NaoNed® Heol 193 NAO Heol 193 193.1 49 - Black / Light Grey Sunglasses
      NaoNed® Heol 193 NAO Heol 193 193.2 49 - Brown Tortoiseshell / Grenadine Pink Sunglasses
      NaoNed® Heol 193
      NaoNed® Clouet NAO Clouet 70U 46 - Brown / Neon Dark Blue Eyeglasses
      NaoNed® Clouet NAO Clouet 74V 46 - Transparent Green / Hocco Violet Eyeglasses
      NaoNed® Clouet
      NaoNed® Emrodenn NAO Emrodenn AB3 49 - Army Green and Burgundy / Opaque Burgundy Sunglasses
      NaoNed® Emrodenn NAO Emrodenn BM2 49 - Bottle Green and Opalin Brown / Opalin Brown Sunglasses
      NaoNed® Emrodenn
      NaoNed® Ardana NAO Ardana 14100 47 - Gradient Black and Golden Yellow Tortoiseshell / Sand Eyeglasses
      NaoNed® Ardana NAO Ardana 45101 47 - Gradient Chestnut and Orchid Tortoiseshell / Matte Chestnut Brown Eyeglasses
      NaoNed® Ardana

      Passion and generosity are the key words to define a NAONED brand! Born in France of a genuine desire to create really unique and memorable frames, the company has always been preserving the know-how of traditional craftsmanship. Extraordinary, colorful and modern, the brand offers acetate, metal and combined frames with metal arms and acetate rims all manufactured in Nantes, Pays De La Loire, France. The manufacturer utilizes acetate delivered from Italy, the cradle of the most quality materials. Eco-compatible and hypoallergenic, it combines a matchless resistance with an incomparable look. The metal frames are crafted from top-grade alloys: monel, nickel silver, bronze and are treated with a hypoallergenic varnish.

      Founded by an optician, Jean-Philippe Douis, NAONED has always paid much attention to the functionality and comfort of the glasses they create. To make their carbon footprint as light as their unique frames, the company has criss-crossed France to find professional and passionate manufacturers who would continue the French tradition of master craftsmanship. Their core mission is to transform a technical product into an aesthetic creation, so that each and every NAONED frame looks and feels gorgeous. Visit our optical store in Manhattan, NYC to learn more about these stunning sunglasses and eyeglasses.


      NAONED (Nantes in Breton) is a trusted eyewear manufacturer with French savoir-faire that creates its remarkable glasses with closeness and generosity in mind. All collections are meticulously crafted in France, which is a guarantee of products quality and longevity. Each product is imagined and drawn with the idea to be a technical, esthetical and unique frame. There are three opulent collections of glasses offered by NAONED: Kêr that includes cheerful and colorful acetate frames named after Brittany cities; Stêr with lightweight and stylish frames made from a combination of acetate and metal, and Enez that offers sophisticated frames in beautiful geometric forms.

      The newest and the most innovative NAONED collection, named Dôn, consists of four beautiful frames: Molenez, Enez sun, Banneg and Litiri. These names of Breton islands were chosen to pay homage to the sea from which these frames come. The thing is these spectacles are 100% vegetable because they are made from seaweed. After a year of extensive research and development, hundreds of procedures and tests, the Dôn collection has literally emerged from the sea, in order to contribute by reducing pollution and make the environment cleaner and greener. The designers at NAONED have fun mixing hues and materials in a thoughtful way in order to create unique and elegant pieces.


      NAONED is a French eyewear brand, founded in 1999 to create functional, esthetically appealing and unique frames. The company’s “father,” Jean-Philippe Douis, was an optician who knew the creative path he wanted to take. Being a spirited eyewear craftsman, he chose to dream about his frame designs before designing and making them on the soil of Nantes, which was his land of inspiration. It’s through a Nantes nest that Jean- Philippe has started his lifetime project in his store with the desire to provide thousands of men and women with unique and high-quality glasses. Today, a Nantes soul stands behind each frame, behind the brand’s partners, behind its workshops.

      At present time, the company has a small yet highly professional team that includes only 13 members, united by the common vision of the values inscribed in NAONED‘s DNA.A deep desire to build together a creative, sustainable and committed history results in ground-breaking eyewear, appreciated by the most fashion-forward guys all over the globe. Whichever frame from NAONED is chosen: adventurous or wise, acetate or metal, it comes in an exclusive palette of colors, which is guaranteed to catch the eye. Welcome to EuroOptica, one of the most exclusive eyewear boutiques in New York, and try on the most exclusive frames by NAONED.