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    Anne & Valentin

      Anne & Valentin® HANSKA - Black/Gold Eyeglasses
      Anne & Valentin® HANSKA - Pink/Gold Eyeglasses
      Anne & Valentin® HANSKA
      Anne & Valentin® HANIA - Black/White Eyeglasses
      Anne & Valentin® HANIA - Pink/Gold Eyeglasses
      Anne & Valentin® HANIA
      Anne & Valentin® HALONA - Black/Gold Eyeglasses
      Anne & Valentin® HALONA - Pink/Gold Eyeglasses
      Anne & Valentin® HALONA

      For over fifteen years, Anne & Valentin has created glasses that are real pieces of art – surprising,fashionable,unique. In their creation studio, the craftsmen working their magic, cultivating an imperishable thinking process where Design plays the premier role. They definitely know how to perfectly combine volumes and lines, contributing to the relationship between reliefs and face, in order to provide a pair of spectacles that will never let you down. Their unrivaled frames are offered in so many various shapes and forms, embodying everything – cinema, architecture, fashion, photography, plastic arts, and whatever else that can be the source of inspiration.

      Anne & Valentin is a world-famous brand that emerged from the big dream of two spirited opticians from Toulouse, France. The couple that was tired of looking for unique and high-quality frames, decided to create pieces that they couldn’t find. Nowadays, still driven by three simple instincts: creativity, curiosity, and visual art, the company continues to design and bring to life extraordinary eyeglasses and sunglasses, synonymous with high quality and impeccable style. With a single glance at their eyewear you can feel that they have a clear and total understanding of all the stages involved in the manufacturing process of each frame.


      At Anne & Valentin, they’re opticians and creators. From a simple image to intricate design, from prototype to end product, from sale to distribution, all of the company’s know-how is integrated. The design process is akin to alchemy; mixing bold colors, beautiful geometric cuts, and top-grade materials. Their eyewear reflects the paradox of spontaneity skillfully combined with painstaking design, meeting the aesthetic needs of the most creative and sophisticated individuals. The layering of colors and materials enclosed in the fundamental forms – triangle, circle, semicircle, rectangular, oval, square – results in opulent frames that symbolize modernism and abstraction.

      Presently, Anne & Valentin sunglasses and optical frames are loved and worn all around the globe, being exported across the United States, Europe, Canada, Japan, Korea, and beyond. The company has over 1,500 carefully selected retailers and distributors that are aligned with the core values of the brand. We, at EuroOptica, are happy to be on the list and offer the most exciting collections of Anne & Valentin glasses. For the self-confident, the sophisticated, the serious, and the free-spirited: the company tirelessly works to create highborn and radical eyewear in which every woman feels up-to-date and beautiful!


      The history of the Anne & Valentin brand is a big love story, started in Toulouse, France in 1984. The two loving hearts, two opticians with a keen passion for glasses craftsmanship, decided to create a unique brand through a revolutionary process of customizing the eyewear based on the wearer’s preferences and lifestyle. Named after its founders, Anne & Valentin is considered to be the pinnacle of French luxury and modernism. From the humble beginning, the designers were focused on making frames that would be not just a fashion statement, but a signature trademark. In this way, they create frames that are both sophisticated and eye-catching.

      The family business began when Valentine received his optician’s degree in 1980 while Anne improved her creative design skills. She also got interested in technical aspects of eyewear-making, as well as ergonomics and customer personalization. That unbeatable combination of painstaking craftsmanship and exclusive styling brought their first collection incredible results and has continued up to the present moment. Today, Anne & Valentin offers over 1,000 frame styles, each of which pushes the boundaries of the eyewear industry. What is their secret to success? An emotional and energetic connection with their clients’ needs.