Lenses for Migraines & Light Sensitivity in NYC

Migraine Glasses and FL-41 Tinted Lenses

Say goodbye to migraines ruining your day!


 If you are one of those people who suffer from migraines, photophobia, or just need light sensitivity glasses for any other reason, look no further, because at EuroOptica we have just the solution for you - Migraine Lenses! These amazing lenses not only provide therapeutic relief, but also add a touch of fashionable style to your everyday life. Say goodbye to painful and stressful days caused by light-induced problems. With the migraine lenses we carry, you can reclaim your day and enjoy pain-free moments. Don't let the limitations of sunlight hold you back any longer. Order the high-quality FL-41 migraine lenses from EuroOptica today and experience the difference they can make in your life!

FL-41 Migraine Lenses are rose tinted lenses that come in three tint levels for customized comfort: 25%, 50% and 80%. The 25% tint is perfect for indoor wear for mild sensitivity to fluorescent light and computer screens. The 50% tint is recommended for both indoor and outdoor wear for versatile comfort with moderate sensitivity to indoor/outdoor light and screens. Finally, the 80% tint is ideal for outdoor wear and for intense sensitivity to light.

Get the Relief You Deserve with Migraine Lenses from EuroOptica

Say goodbye to migraines and hello to comfort with revolutionary FL-41 lenses designed to filter out the painful wavelengths of light (480-520nm) that trigger migraines and increase sensitivity to light. With their pink hue, these lenses provide a soothing experience by reducing the impact of certain colors, enhancing contrast and sharpening your vision. Backed by extensive research, FL-41 lenses have been shown to reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks, while also alleviating symptoms of eye strain and sensitivity to light. Whether you're exposed to sunlight, fluorescent lights, LED screens, or digital devices, visit our Upper West Side EuroOptica store or our new Upper East Side EuroOptica location to check out our range of migraine lenses to suit different needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for stylish frames or specialty tints, we've got you covered.

You Need Migraine Lenses if You Have:

Try FL-41 Migraine Lenses

  • migraine headaches,
  • blepharospasm,
  • light-triggered seizures,
  • CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome), and
  • other light-sensitive/triggered conditions.

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The Main Benefits of Migraine Lenses:
  • Light Sensitivity Reduction: Migraine lenses come with specific tints designed to filter out certain wavelengths of light.
  • Blue Light Filtering: Many migraine lenses are effective in filtering out a portion of blue light.
  • Versatility: Some migraine lenses are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, providing relief in various lighting conditions.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Migraine lenses may contribute to overall comfort during migraine episodes by minimizing exposure to triggering light sources.
  • Prescription Options: Migraine lenses can be prescribed by an eye care professional based on an individual's specific needs and vision requirements.
  • Variety of Frame Styles: Migraine lenses are available in a variety of frame styles, ranging from classic and understated to bold and contemporary.

It's important to note that while many individuals find relief from light sensitivity with migraine lenses, the effectiveness can vary, and they may not provide the same level of relief for everyone. Consulting with an eye care professional is essential to determine the most suitable type of migraine lenses and tints based on an individual's unique needs and symptoms. With two convenient locations on the Upper West Side (280 Columbus Ave) and the Upper East Side (1249 3rd Ave), we've got you covered no matter where you are. Don't hesitate - visit EuroOptica today and let us take care of all your vision needs! 


If you are diagnosed with photophobia, migraine glasses have been proven to help symptoms of light sensitivity. A 2016 study showed that tinted eyewear helped reduce symptoms of light sensitivity. Further studies supported that migraine patients who wore Fl-41 lenses or filters experienced relief from their symptoms.

The migraine lenses are designed to provide relief for individuals who experience light sensitivity, especially during migraine episodes. The FL-41 tint is engineered to filter specific wavelengths of light. It is particularly effective in reducing light in the blue-green spectrum, which is often associated with triggering or worsening migraine symptoms in some individuals. Photophobia, or light sensitivity, is a common symptom of migraines. FL-41 lenses help reduce the discomfort caused by exposure to bright or fluorescent lights, sunlight, and certain artificial lighting sources.

FL-41 migraine lenses are available in various lens options to cater to individual preferences and vision needs:

Single vision lenses are designed to correct vision for a specific distance (near or far). FL-41 tint can be applied to single vision lenses to address light sensitivity while providing clear vision.

Progressive lenses offer a seamless transition between different prescription strengths without a visible line. FL-41 tint can be applied to progressive lenses to address light sensitivity while providing a smooth shift in focus for varying distances.

FL-41 lenses can be customized with a wide range of prescription strengths to address refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Prescription FL-41 lenses provide both light sensitivity relief and clear vision.

Many FL-41 lenses also come with anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings.

Yes! You are able to order non-Rx FL-41 migraine lenses and wear over your contact lenses.

You will still be able to differentiate colors while wearing FL-41 migraine lenses. However, if you have an occupation or hobby that requires precise color perception (ex: graphic designer, photographer), you will notice a change in color perception that may interfere with your work.

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