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Super Fast Same Day Eyeglasses in Manhattan, New York

Get a New Pair of Eyeglasses With Our Same Day Service

The most painful problem for those who wear glasses is when their eyewear's lens gets scratched, or when their favorite pair is broken accidentally or lost. In addition, this always happens when planning an important trip or having a business meeting, so you feel screwed up without glasses. Keep calm and get your new eyeglasses asap with our Same Day Glasses Service at EuroOptica! 

Lost or Broke your Glasses
and need new ones today?

Our service is here to rescue! We understand you don't want to be without your eyewear for long, and our main mission is to provide you with a new pair of glasses the same day you order it. 

Nothing can be worse than to stay without your glasses in a moment when you need them most. Don't worry, with our service you can get a new pair in the shortest terms!

Same Day Glasses Service at EuroOptica is just what you need when looking for the finest quality and excellent speed. Let us solve your problems with glasses without wasting precious time!

Scratched or Lost one of your lenses
and need a new one asap?

When your lens is scratched, your glasses do not look respectable anymore. Besides, big scratches can be a problem when you need to read something, and it means your lens must be replaced.

We can help you to renew your favorite pair of glasses by replacing a scratched or lost one lens. Thanks to our best specialists, you will get your prescription glasses with new high-quality lenses on the same day.

Trust our Same Day Glasses Service where anyone can get professional help with lens replacing. We offer top-rated lenses to provide excellent comfort, clarity, and style. No need for anticipation when your eyewear desires can be gratified the very same day! 

Leaving on a Trip
and don't have much time?

If you lost or broke your glasses and need a new pair urgently, we can solve this issue without wasting time. Just order your eyeglasses and get it on the same day! 

When you are leaving on a trip and cannot wait for long to get your glasses, our trustworthy team can help. We are here to replace a broken or lost pair, or create an extra-pair of glasses for your needs! 

Even if you do not have your prescription with you, there is no reason to worry. At EuroOptica, we have our doctor to provide you with an up to date prescription. Our speedy service is a rescue for those who do not have much time and need to get new glasses asap.

Why Choose Us?

Fast Service to Meet Any Demands

While typical waiting times for prescription glasses hover around a week, EuroOptica breaks the mold with its lightning-fast Same Day Glasses Service. By maintaining an expansive inventory of thin lenses right within our store, you're poised to walk out with your new pair of eyeglasses on the very same day as your appointment – a feat achieved with most prescriptions and readily available designer frames. Regardless of the frame or price, you can get your brand new eyewear in a mere 30-minute window. We do kindly advise that intricate prescriptions might extend the lens crafting duration, but fret not – a quick call beforehand can ensure their stock availability for your peace of mind.

Cutting-Edge Lens Innovations
Pioneering Optical Lens Technologies

Collaborating with premier lens manufacturers like Shamir, Zeiss, and Essilor, we present an array of advanced lens options that encompass top-tier features, including scratch-resistance, UV protection, and non-glare technology. Additionally, EuroOptica extends its offerings to encompass anti-reflective lens options to add comfort and reduce glare. Because your ideal eyeglasses deserve nothing less than impeccable lenses, our selection spans the full spectrum – whether it is single vision, bifocal, trifocal, or progressive, you'll find them all at your disposal.

Best Frame Options
High-Quality Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

Our extensive and diverse frame assortment encompasses a fusion of premier and distinct brands, forming a bountiful inventory that caters to all preferences and financial plans. Leave behind the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary! With rapid same-day turnaround and an unparalleled frame selection, everyone can get a pair to satisfy their needs. Moreover, we offer a wonderful assortment of prescription sunglasses, ensuring your visual needs are met with style and flair. Our commitment to evolution remains unwavering, as we continuously introduce fresh designers and novel frame choices.

Comprehensive Eye Exams:Precise and High-Quality Vision Examination

Even if you do not have your prescription with you, this is not a problem for us! EuroOptica offers a comprehensive eye exam that contains a number of special tests and procedures to examine your eyes as well as evaluate eye health and the quality of vision.

Our team of experts administers an array of diverse examinations, spanning from elementary assessments like reading an eye chart, to intricate procedures such as scrutinizing ocular tissues through the lens of advanced technology.

EuroOptica offers not just a splendid new pair of glasses, but a seamless blend of excellence, affordability, and promptness that you rightfully merit. Stop by one of our two boutiques in Manhattan, New York located on the Upper West Side (280 Columbus Ave) and Upper East Side (1249 3rd Ave) to get a new pair of prescription glasses on the same day!

We Offer the Best Brands


With our fast service, anyone can get a new pair of prescription glasses the same day they ordered it.

Yes, you need to visit our store to order a new pair of eyeglasses. If you have any questions about lenses and frames in stock, you can always call us before visiting to save time. 

Yes, EuroOptica offers a wide choice of top-rated lenses from premium brands to provide replacements within a few hours.

Sure, we can provide anyone with a high-quality pair of prescription sunglasses following their needs and demands. 

It depends on availability, and if we have your lenses or/and frames in stock, you can get your eyeglasses in about 30 minutes. In more complex cases, it may take a few hours. 

Whether you need bifocal, progressive, single-vision, or trifocal lenses, our store's specialists are ready to make fast replacements without wasting your precious time.