Theo™ Eyewear

Licensed Dealer of Original Theo Spectacles in Manhattan, New York


      Theo® Armstrong TH ARMSTRONG 313 41 - Blue Eyeglasses
      Theo® Armstrong TH ARMSTRONG 462 41 - Blue/Navy Eyeglasses
      Theo® Armstrong
      Theo® Obus TH OBUS 36 46 - Fashion Red Eyeglasses
      Theo® Obus TH OBUS 7 46 - Gold Eyeglasses
      Theo® Obus
      Theo® Mille+88 TH MILLE 88 009 44 - Blue Eyeglasses
      Theo® Mille+88 TH MILLE 88 014 44 - Red Eyeglasses
      Theo® Mille+88
      Theo® Cambria TH CAMBRIA 292 48 - Red / Purple Eyeglasses
      Theo® Cambria TH CAMBRIA 433 48 - Red / Blue Eyeglasses
      Theo® Cambria
      Theo® Broccoli TH BROCCOLI 044 41 - Blue / Green Eyeglasses
      Theo® Broccoli TH BROCCOLI 50 41 - Solid Electric Blue Eyeglasses
      Theo® Broccoli
      Theo® Spinner TH SPINNER 008 46 - Dark Grey+Pepper White Eyeglasses
      Theo® Spinner TH SPINNER 011 46 - Pixel Black+Electric Blue Eyeglasses
      Theo® Spinner
      Theo® Ozette TH OZETTE 292 45 - Red/Purple Eyeglasses
      Theo® Ozette TH OZETTE 365 45 - Black/Blue Eyeglasses
      Theo® Ozette
      Theo® Aldrin TH ALDRIN 462 47 - Black/Blue Eyeglasses
      Theo® Aldrin - Black/Brown
      Theo® Aldrin
      Theo® Mille+21 TH MILLE 21 346 46 - Addo Grey Eyeglasses
      Theo® Mille+21 TH MILLE 21 305 46 - Fluo Red Eyeglasses
      Theo® Mille+21
      Theo®Kicker TH KICKER 015 42 - Brown Dalmatian+Fluo Pink Eyeglasses
      Theo®Kicker TH KICKER 013 42 - Blue/Red Ecail+Fluo Red Eyeglasses
      Theo® Kicker
      Theo® Tarifa TH TARIFA 705 41 - Black Eyeglasses
      Theo® Tarifa TH TARIFA 36 41 - Hot Red Eyeglasses
      Theo® Tarifa
      Theo® Schaukel TH SCHAUKEL 02 - Black / Havana Eyeglasses
      Theo® Schaukel TH SCHAUKEL 013 00 - Gold / Gray Eyeglasses
      Theo® Schaukel
      Theo® Carrot TH CARROT 044 42 - Navy Eyeglasses
      Theo® Carrot TH CARROT 038 42 - Solid Electric Blue Eyeglasses
      Theo® Carrot
      Theo® Vitelotte TH VITELOTTE 376 52 - Brown/Red Eyeglasses
      Theo® Vitelotte - Black
      Theo® Vitelotte
      Theo® Aogashima TH AOGASHIMA 7 47 - Transparent Smurf Blue / Electric Blue Sunglasses
      Theo® Aogashima TH AOGASHIMA 4 47 - Red Lined / Blue Sunglasses
      Theo® Aogashima

      Born in Belgium as a small family business, Theo has never followed trends, but rather created them. The brand is famous for its extravagant and exceptionally unique collections of glasses filled with humor, color, and love. The co-founders of the company, Patrick Hoet and Wim Somers, call their creations ″glasses for human beings.″ This phrase perfectly reflects the brand’s belief in prioritizing the individuality of each and every person who wears their frames. All glasses are crafted to the highest quality standards and contemporary design requirements, pushing the limits between amusing and amazing.

      Tired of plain-vanilla and mainstream glasses, Theo was founded to make a difference in the world of eyewear by creating memorable, high-end frames that would drop jaws and make lasting impressions. As a result, philosophy, technology, skillfulness, creativity and love of nature were blended together to produce every single piece of eyewear. Each frame is handcrafted and meticulously inspected to become a perfect accessory that would bring cheerfulness and happiness into people’s lives. Today, Theo is one of the most ground-breaking brands in the industry with a comprehensive range of glasses sold across 50 countries throughout the globe.


      The company is located in Antwerp, Belgium, a city of avant-garde culture – just the perfect place for Theo and its innovative designs. All frames are crafted in specialized factories, chosen for their quality and ability. To keep its creations innovative and wowable, the manufacturer regularly collaborates with famous designers such as James Van Vossel, Tim Van Steenbergen, Christoph Broich, just to name a few. The company also gains inspiration from talented students of the Fashion Academy in Antwerp. As a result, each new collection of glasses includes truly impressive, innovative, and unique works of art.

      From its early inception, Theo only addressed the avant-garde, having a soft spot for a creative individualist. Later, however, the eyewear began to appeal to a larger audience, gaining interest among young and ambitious trendsetters around the world. Some of the most groundbreaking collections are: the ‘Eye-witness’ with its seemingly unfinished and asymmetrical glasses; the ‘VinGtage’ collection, famous for its small rounds; the innovative and bold ‘Mille’ series with frames that combine matte and glossy acetate, an array of striking colors and stylish textures; the ‘Potatoes’ glasses, which are real natural beauties; extremely solid ‘Arches’ frames – the new titanium Theo family; and much more impressive designs.


      ‘Theo loves you!’ It was just a memo on an order form that was destined to become the slogan for the most rebellious Belgian brand of glasses. Up to the present, that ‘theo love’ has been represented in every company’s collection and frame. The brand was founded by two Belgian opticians, Wim Somers and Patrick Hoet, who were striving to create something that was absolutely different from the mainstream eyewear available at that time. So, in 1987, the first series of outstanding glasses saw the world. With every new collection, the company’s passion for breaking down the traditional barriers remained unchanged.

      Step by step, the appeal of the colorful, fun and intriguing Theo frames spread across the globe. Nowadays, many of the bold and head-turning styles featured in the collections are appreciated by Hollywood celebs. Among the most loyal fans are Elton John, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, George Michael, and Cameron Diaz, just to name a few. Whether it’s for work, home, or parties, these celebrities prefer Theo eyewear. Today, more than 30 years after the foundation, the frames can be found in more than a thousand stores in 50 countries worldwide. What’s so great about Theo frames anyway? The answer is simple: they’re always fun, colorful and exceptionally unique.