On-site Optical Laboratory

The Fastest Optical In-House Lab in Manhattan, New York City

An optical lab is a magical place where technicians measure, cut, fit and verify spectacle lenses to meet the requirements of each individual order. After an optometrist gives a prescription for corrective lenses, the opticians work in the lab to shape them according to those prescriptions. Utilizing cutting-edge manufacturing machines, our certified opticians ensure that our customers’ lenses are curved perfectly to fix any vision issue they may have. There are a few stations along the chain of lens production: selection, manufacturing, assembly, and verification. Each technician is appointed to a station according to a rotating schedule and moves along those stations throughout the day.

Our on-site laboratory is equipped with the Mr. Blue 2.0 from Essilor, a genuine ECP partner that provides a whole range of new functions and even greater flexibility than before. Thanks to a hybrid ending technology – buffing and milling in one, the optician has absolute control over the axis and overall processing of the lenses. The equipment ensures complete control of lens mounting, i.e. optimal monitoring of all trajectories, irrespective of shapes or finishing materials. With these innovative tools, our opticians will accurately determine your eyeglass prescription needs and create a new pair of ideal glasses, while our eyewear stylists, Ellen and Odila, will find the perfect frame for your face and lifestyle. Visit EuroOptica and get an unrivaled customer experience for your comfort and satisfaction.

On-Site Lab Benefits

We understand that it is important for you to get your new or updated prescription glasses as soon as possible, and our team works hard to have your lenses ready in time. With our in-house laboratory, you can get many benefits:

  • Our on-site lab allows cutting lenses in-house, ensuring that every customer gets new glasses following their prescription as soon as possible, in some cases, just in a few hours
  • In our laboratory, we have the latest high-quality equipment in finishing the lenses following the individual prescription of every customer
  • Only the most skilled technicians work in our lab to make lenses following your needs. They check each lens for precision and quality before the installment
  • We have qualified consultants who make sure that every client is properly measured and fitted to leave our store with perfect new glasses and a big smile on their faces

Our Advantages

Our optical store provides the highest-grade eyewear pieces in the market, including prescription glasses. We do our best to meet the specific needs of every individual customer. Here are our main advantages:

  • We offer a wide assortment of stylish and fashionable spectacles from celebrated eyewear manufacturers
  • Once you choose the optical frame that suits your taste and style, our in-house lab will cut your prescription lenses in the shortest terms without any compromise on quality
  • If you need a prescription, it is easy and fast to get it with our comprehensive eye exam
  • Our team is a force of dedicated professionals: eye doctors, technicians, and consultants, committed to a big mission of improving people’s eyesight
  • We can produce lenses for virtually any prescription (even the trickier ones), and can provide bifocal and varifocal lenses too if required

 One of the things that set our EuroOptica store apart is that not only can we monitor your glasses production from beginning to end, we can also offer fast turnaround speeds. For our Upper West Side neighbors, some glasses can even be made while you wait and we can also offer a comprehensive eye exam performed by our superstar optometrist Dr. Jessica Rimm. Our on-site laboratory also enables us to conduct replacement lens services. If your prescription has changed or your lenses have been damaged but you still want to keep your favorite frames, we can help. We can reglaze your fashion glasses, sports frames and everyday spectacles – even if they weren’t originally brought from us.

Our convenient on-site laboratory is equipped with innovative tools and performed by experienced professionals to provide our customers with outstanding service. Controlling the lens production process from A to Z with the lab on-premises also means that we provide quality control, accuracy in the lenses, and being able to set competitive prices to our customers. We, at EuroOptica, guarantee that our lenses meet premium-quality standards to satisfy all your vision care needs. Stop by one of our two boutiques in Manhattan, New York located on the Upper West Side (280 Columbus Ave) and Upper East Side (1249 3rd Ave), for all optical services in one place!