Zeiss® Sport Lenses

Certified Distributor of Sunglass Lenses for Sports in New York


Ultra-Stylish Prescription Sport Lens from ZEISS

Unlimited Vision to Match All your Outdoor Activities

One of the most crucial factors that determine the outcome of a game is exceptional vision. Whether you’re playing soccer, golf, hockey or tennis, clear vision is essential when it comes to optimum results and safety. ZEISS Sport Lenses are high-performance individually-adapted sport lenses with UV protection that guarantee unlimited vision to match any outdoor activities and challenges. ZEISS sunglass lenses for sports feature a lightweight yet durable construction, a tint intensity of over 80%, and an optional coating for protection against scratches and dirt. Plus, these lenses are enhanced with the patented Cosmetic Edge® Technology to provide you with crisp vision all the way to the edges of the lens, even if you wear strongly wrapped lenses with a high prescription. This ensures all-around flawless vision and shields your eyes from sunlight, dirt or small dust particles in the air. So, if you are biking, playing tennis, golf or football and looking for premium-quality sunglass lenses, ZEISS Sport Lens is the best choice!

ZEISS SPORT for Wrap Frames

Because of its unusual shape, sports wrap lenses make special demands on optical optimization and lens production. To perfectly incorporate each wearer's personal prescription, special optical know-how and cutting-edge technology are required to prevent the aberrations resulting from the laws of physics – particularly in the peripheral areas of the lens. To cope with this situation, ZEISS has created lenses utilizing an innovative optical design that offer the highest precision: ZEISS SPORT for wrap frames. Available with single and progressive vision design options, these lenses provide maximum visual comfort in highly curved frame shapes. On the subject of comfort: the highly curved design of the frame ensures that it fits more precisely against the wearer’s face, protecting their eyes from draughts during sporting activities. Other words, the sport sunglass lens from ZEISS is the perfect combination of design and comfort.

The Ideal Choice for Improved Clarity and Performance

When it comes to prescription sport lenses, performance and protection are crucial factors. ZEISS Sport Lens provides protection from the elements in extreme outdoor light conditions while ensuring all-round clarity for excellent dynamic vision.

Sport lens options available:

  •       DuraVision® Mirror UV active colors
  •       Wrapped lenses with Cosmetic Edge® Technology
  •       Polarized Lenses

Stylish Look with DuraVision® Mirror UV Active Colors

ZEISS wrapped sunglasses are both stylish and functional and provide you with protection from all sides against UV exposure and elements such as water, glare and wind. For a trendy look, add one of the four active DuraVision Mirrors:

  •       DuraVision Mirror Green
  •       DuraVision Mirror Red
  •       DuraVision Mirror Silver
  •       DuraVision Mirror Strong Blue 

Another great option is the DuraVision Sun UV anti-reflective coating on the inside of the lens that provides the ultimate finish for even better visual performance.

Cosmetic Edge® Technology by ZEISS

Creating a wrapped lens is a real challenge. It should be as thin as possible, even in the peripheral areas, while still optimally correcting the wearer's visual defects. Utilizing innovative Cosmetic Edge® Technology, ZEISS creates unique flat lenses with optimum vision correction, even for a very large lens diameter and highly wrapped frames. This is not only good news for fans of sports eyewear, but also for those who enjoy stylish sunglasses or wear prescription eyewear and want that wrap-around look!

Wrapped Lenses with Cosmetic Edge® Technology

  •       ZEISS Cosmetic Edge Technology reduces the edge thickness in minus/high prescription lenses by up to 30%.2
  •       Choice of frames: there’s a fit for every frame thanks to very large lens diameters, variable decentration and flexible base curve selection
  •       Excellent peripheral vision due to a fully-compensated optical design
  •       Tailored lens designs from single vision to progressives, with great compensation for aberrations caused by lens tilt
  •       Shaped to keep light and elements from entering the eye at all angles.

How does Cosmetic Edge® Technology work?

So, whether it’s used for leisure activities or performance sports, ZEISS Sport Lenses are a great choice for active people. In extreme outdoor light conditions, these lenses give protection from the elements and still provide excellent dynamic vision.