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LINDBERG Sun Titanium Collection

LINDBERG eyewear is like no other. Each frame is an unrivalled blend of patented technologies, no-compromise attention to detail and impeccable Danish craftsmanship. The LINDBERG sun titanium collection is a modern perspective on classic sunglasses with the unique combination of evergreen designs and bold fashion elements. Every pair from the collection is created with a high level of technical ability, giving the wearer some of the most appealing and comfortable sunglasses on the market.

The frames are crafted from premium-quality titanium, which makes them durable, ultra-lightweight and flexible. Another outstanding feature that distinguishes LINBERG glasses from others is the iconic hinge design. The patented titanium hinges are made with no rivets, screws or welded parts. By choosing one of these designs, you get nothing but a remarkable comfort and a standout look. Whether you prefer round or square, oversized or small sunglasses, the unbeatable craftsmanship of LINDBERG ensures that there is a perfect pair of shades for your unique taste.

Best Lenses for the Best Sunglasses

All LINDBERG sun titanium glasses are minimalistic and extremely light designs, which are paired with premium-quality ZEISS lenses to ensure perfect vision and exceptional glare protection. Being a leading brand specializing in precision optics, ZEISS constantly presents highly innovative products to provide wearers with better vision.

The sun titanium collection is a perfect combination of outstanding LINDBERG frames with top-grade ZEISS precision lenses; it’s a match decreed by destiny! A lightweight frame with thinner lenses is guaranteed to provide the ultimate in comfort and clarity. All ZEISS lenses feature anti reflective coating for extreme optical quality and maximum UV protection. Don’t settle for less than perfect!