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LINDBERG Strip3p Titanium Collection

Every pair of LINDBERG glasses is a statement about aesthetics, unrivalled craftsmanship and technical innovation. The renowned brand pays homage to the Danish design tradition of discreet, understated elegance and sophisticated simplicity. So, if you’re seeking the perfect match between minimalistic design and advanced craftsmanship, look no further than the strip3p titanium collection from LINDBERG. The name of the lineup, strip3p, perfectly reflects the concept: a design is stripped of all unnecessary elements, such as screws, rivets or welded parts. All you can find here are three titanium pieces: two temples and a nose bridge. But do not let the subtlety fool you. By choosing any of these ultra-lightweight rimless glasses, you will get a piece of beautiful engineering stripped clean of any redundancy.

When Technology Meets Minimalism

The strip3p collection is a fresh and fashionable take on classic rimless eyewear. The frames feature an upgraded front and temple, resulting in a fuller, more pronounced rimless design that still only weighs 2.9 grams. The unique front mounting technique gives a bold, yet sophisticated expression and allows wearers with high prescriptions to experience the maximum comfort and lightness of rimless glasses.

Perfect Elegant Design

LINDBERG eyewear designs have won dozens of prestigious design awards. Patented technical innovations in combination with carefully engineered and crafted details result in outstanding glasses are a mix of stability, lightness and one-of-a-kind design. The strip3p collection includes everything from square to round silhouettes that are customizable to fit any face shape. Don’t settle for less than perfect!

Invisible Becomes Visible

Being a subtle detail, groove color can customize your glasses perfectly. Select your favorite tone to emphasize the elegance of your rimless frame! This is a moment when the invisible becomes visible.