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LINDBERG Strip Titanium Collection

LINDBERG is an icon of titanium eyewear. The renowned Danish manufacturer has spent decades mastering this incredibly strong material. The strip collection carries all the benefits of titanium, being durable, hypoallergenic and ultra-lightweight. To ensure perfect balance and stability, LINDBERG utilizes full titanium plates. The individual elements are laser-cut from thin plates of top-grade titanium and formed to create feather light glasses with an impressively durable construction. Thus, a design can weigh as little as 2.9 grams and be as sturdy as stone. Furthermore, LINDBERG made it possible to mount the delicate components without any use of adhesives, screws or other mechanical mounting techniques.

Modern Aesthetics

While taking inspiration from decades of fashion, the strip collection still upholds the LINDBERG design DNA of modern functionalism. Each pair of eyeglasses is a contemporary design statement that gives the wearer a streamlined and sophisticated look. The authentic LINDBERG aesthetics paired with the sleek look of full-plate eyewear has resulted in clean designs with elegant simplicity, still drawing attention to the shape. 

Retro-Inspired Designs

The strip collection offers ingenious designs that are as well-crafted as they are varied in look. To get a refined appearance, choose the half-rimmed glasses with a distinct titanium upper bar that gives an almost floating aesthetics. The collection also includes models with acetate upper bars – a feature often associated with the 50’s eyewear fashion, and standout frames with acetate inner rims that provide an unusual sense of depth and dimensions. Every frame is carefully crafted with a precise and creative use of titanium and acetate. The interplay between these two materials results in some truly unique glasses for both women and men.