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LINDBERG Spirit Titanium Collection

LINDBERG is one of the first eyewear manufacturers worldwide to utilize titanium in producing eyewear. The renowned Danish brand has spent over three decades mastering this raw material to perfection. As a result, LINDBERG glasses are flexible, ultra-lightweight, hypoallergenic and extremely durable. All these features are on display in the Spirit Titanium Collection with its groundbreaking comfort and sleek design.

If you belong to those sophisticated men or women who are seeking absolute minimalism, the Spirit Collection from LINDBERG is your one-stop shop. The lineup includes lightweight rimless models with clean design and refined details. Each frame is a perfect mix of comfort and subtlety that weighs as little as 1.9 grams. The designs come in an array of beautiful silhouettes, from perfect exaggerated rounds to unique geometric frames with sharp edges.

Special Features

Want to know what makes the Spirit glasses from LINDBERG truly special? These frames have been expertly designed to obstruct nothing on the wearer’s face, creating a minimalistic but distinctive look. Every frame comes with a unique Spirit hinge, which is the perfect embodiment of the collection as a whole. With its subtle design, it is the ideal fit for any of LINDBERG rimless models.

Another important feature which distinguishes The Spirit Collection from others is the delicate temples that come in a range of materials: expressive titanium plate, elegant titanium wire, and colorful acetate – all are constructed without the use of screws. Also, the temples come in different lengths and are adjustable for optimizing comfort.

A Great Feature

The most important detail of your rimless frames is their temples. Delicate and lightweight, our spirit temples are available in various options: elegant and thin titanium wire, impressive titanium plate, and acetate in different tones – all details are crafted without any screw. A great selection of excellent temple designs is introduced in a wonderful palette of attractive colors – great to complete any individual look.

Add Groove Color

Make your rimless frame stand out from the crowd with an interesting groove tint or color. Select a vibrant and impressive color or choose eye-catching tinted lenses to add boldness to your image. There are 24 various groove tones to make your glasses individual.