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LINDBERG Precious Collection

This is an exclusive, luxury, and prestigious collection from a well-known Danish brand that is handmade for people who want to emphasize their status with a pair of distinctive and extraordinary glasses made from 18 ct solid gold. Pink, black, white, and yellow gold are combined with high-quality buffalo horn and platinum to create stunning eyeglasses in unique and beautiful designs. For true opulence, refined frames can be set with top-rated sparkling diamonds in various sizes and colors to satisfy the most luxury demands and provide a feeling of elegance and the finest quality. Every optical spectacle in this collection is a real piece of art carefully handcrafted by the most experienced artisans from LINDBERG with meticulous attention to every tiniest detail.

Exclusive materials of the finest quality

Compared to similar luxury glasses on the eyewear market, LINDBERG precious spectacles are lighter to provide unmatched comfort and give an elegant and sophisticated touch to any outfit. The brand uses high-quality Top Wesselton VVS diamonds up to 0.55 ct in wonderful clarity and beautiful colors, including black, raw, and pink. The brand uses the combination of natural buffalo horn and 18 ct solid gold to create the most exclusive pair within the precious collection.  

Only the most talented goldsmiths with excellent craftsmanship skills from LINDBERG goldsmith are working on this extraordinary and luxury collection. Beautiful and lightweight eyeglasses for men and women are created for people who appreciate opulent accessories with incredible details and look for something special and outstanding.


LINDBERG Precious Collection is one of the most prestigious eyewear collections in the world that includes beautiful designs set with premium diamonds for a true luxury feeling. LINDBERG only utilizes top-quality diamonds with a flawless clarity rating. Each gem is carefully selected and set by hand to create one-of-a-kind LINDBERG Precious designs. As exclusive options, the brand also offers black, pink and rough uncut diamonds.

Buffalo Horn

To add a special elegant touch to the LINDBERG Precious concept, some frames feature a handcrafted natural horn front paired with temples in solid gold. Each model is a one-of-a-kind piece of art, due to the natural water buffalo horn material that boasts variations in depth of color and pattern. These exquisite designs are some of the most exclusive creations within the LINDBERG Precious Collection.

Where Does the Horn Material Come From?

To create their stunning glasses, LINDBERG utilizes only the highest-quality, responsibly sourced materials. The horn used for the LINDBERG Precious Collection is made from the horns of special buffalo breeds from regions such as Asia and Africa as well as South and Central America. It is important to know that the water buffalo horn used for LINDBERG frames does not come from an endangered species. As each breed has its own unique characteristics, the manufacturer is able to offer amazing color combinations in a variety of designs.