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LINDBERG MøF Titanium Collection

This is a versatile collection from LINDBERG created for people who prefer active life to solve the problem of taking several pairs of glasses, when sunnies, optical frames, and reading spectacles are part of their everyday life. The innovative MøF titanium collection is a ground-breaking concept that offers several pairs of different glasses in just one fashionable and modern accessory. The design of this eyewear includes an inner-rim system and interchangeable lenses, so the wearer can easily choose and adjust the needed pair of lenses for the current situation. With MøF titanium eyeglasses, you need to take just one frame, wherever you go and change the lenses whenever you need them for a particular activity. It means no more annoying changing to heavy shades or old reading frames!

Change your lenses easily

It’s quite simple to convert the MøF titanium spectacle to meet your requirements and switch between various everyday activities like running, reading, computing, etc. Each pair of glasses from this innovative collection features a snap-in/snap-out system that allows you to change lenses in just a few seconds without problems. With just one frame, you get two or even more different glasses for your needs!

The frame and temples of MøF titanium eyewear are crafted from high-quality and ultra-lightweight titanium that provides excellent durability and has the benefits of natural material. The inner rims are made of top-rated acetate offered in various stunning colors and paired with the chosen lenses for an impressive look.

Choose Your Customized MøF Titanium Glasses

Each pair of weightless and stylish glasses from the MøF titanium collection is equipped with a screwless hinge patented by the manufacturer. You can select a size, shape, and color to get a unique pair.

Acetate Inner Rims

The MøF titanium glasses from LINDBERG feature acetate inner rims to create an impressive and individual look. You can select from a wide range of attractive colors and pair them with lenses of any tone.