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This incredible collection of optical frames is handcrafted meticulously from a wonderful mix of two durable materials: buffalo horn and signature lightweight titanium. Refined and stylish horn-rimmed spectacles are the result of excellent craftsmanship and the latest technologies. Every pair from the LINDBERG buffalo titanium collection is a unique masterpiece of Danish eyewear design. Only the most talented engineers and designers from the famous brand develop eye-catching glasses that combine the best properties from two materials. Each spectacle has an integrated titanium nose-bridge to deliver better stability and bridge arms with comfortable nose pads to bring a new level of excellent comfort and adjustability. Temples from high-quality titanium have no screws and allow choosing the needed temple length for the precise fit.

Horn – an excellent natural material

Eyeglasses from LINDBERG made from buffalo horn are extraordinary and lightweight accessories to express your individuality. The natural material is skin-friendly and matches all skin tones perfectly to be a perfect addition to your outfit for any occasion. Each front of a pair of glasses from the buffalo titanium collection includes many layers of laminated buffalo horn to provide superior stability and strength. Only the best parts of the horn are selected for this distinctive and unique collection.

Patterns and colors of glasses are a bit different because the horn is a natural material that cannot be the same, so it provides excellent color mixes. Each spectacle from the LINDBERG buffalo titanium collection has its unique number to assure authenticity. The brand uses horns from Asia and Africa special buffalo breeds only from domesticated animals whose meat and hides were used for food and leather production.

H16 light brown + light brown

H18 medium brown + light brown

H20 dark brown + dark brown

H26 deep black + light brown

HTE26 shadow + light brown